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    [Inscription] Scaling your glyph operation to handle over 400 distinct glyphs in MoP

    The number of distinct glyphs available in Mists of Pandaria is increasing from 345 by 56 to 401 (correct me if I'm wrong, or this changes). Most glyphers that are strong in the market have organised their operational efficiencies based on the space that glyphs take up in their inventory.

    For example, @Stede wrote a guide to selling glyphs on a single character, opting to not sell low performing glyphs to save on inventory space. I used the concepts in that post to streamline my operation to two characters, because I'm a full service glyph machine. Other glyphers have as many posting alts as it takes to store an operational supply of glyphs in bags, so they don't have to run to a bank during their posting cycle.

    However you sell glyphs, some consideration needs to be given to how that should change for Mists.

    How I will change my two character operation

    Twitchie uses 7x [Royal Scribe's Satchel] in his bank to store up to a stack of each glyph for regular posting cycles.

    36 slot bags x 7 bag slots = 252 distinct glyphs.

    My glyph posting alt uses three bag slots for glyph storage for 108 distinct glyphs, bringing the total to 360, comfortably accommodating all the glyphs for Cataclysm.

    So for Mists, I'm going to tell my glyph posting alt that they are going to absolutely have no life and grab another stachel for her bags. I guess while we're at it we can use up some of her backpack as well.

    252 slots in the bank
    Posting Alt
    144 slots in inscription bags
    5 backpack slots
    Total: 401 slots

    It's reasonably minimal disturbance to avoid expanding the operation to another character.

    The challenges of a single character operation

    The major downside of a single character operation is that we just don't know what will sell and what won't in MoP. We can assume that many current trainer glyphs will still perform poorly, but given the predicted surge in demand, a single character glypher risks losing out on a share of the profits for the next glyphmas.

    Scale up for Glyphmas
    I'm going to assume that anyone who has successfully scaled back their operation to a single character has analysed glyph performance and has gone through a similar process to Stede's post. So for those people, scaling up for the new expansion should be relatively straightforward, and if they have an alt they can spare, expanding to my two character operation could be just the ticket. Alternatively, you can clean out the bags of your least favourite alts and load them up with glyph stocks to post for patch 5.0, MoP and beyond.

    Scale back after the dust has settled
    Looking ahead to a couple of months into the new expansion, new herb prices will have fallen and will be more stable and the glyphing community will have burned through much of their stockpile. At that point, a single character glyph operation can resume, using a couple of months worth of glyph performance data.

    The impact on a multi-posting operation

    For a true, "look-ma-I-have-a-seccond-account-just-for-posting-auctions-cross-faction-arbitrage-and-characters-galore" operation, I'm going to assume that all slots can be used on each character, including the backpack.

    16 slot backpack + 4x [Royal Scribe's Satchel] = 160 bag slots.

    160 slots per character, and 3 characters later you're up to 480 glyph slots already. So, as you were... you can just divvy up the new glyphs into your TSM auctioning groups, auto mail them and continue on enjoying the glyph market as you did before.

    How will you modify your glyph operation to accomodate the extra glyphs in MoP?
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    Hadn't thought this far, to be honest. I had this idea that - even with a new class, the number of glyphs, overall, would fall due to the removal of Prime Glyphs. I mean - no single class currently has 50 glyphs, and to see the current number of glyphs rise by 56 with the introduction of a new class seems weird. True, we all get a nifty new spell for each class, but - I just hadn't considered it (my thoughts wrt inscription have very much been elsewhere).

    A single toon can be modified to take advantage of more than the ~260 glyphs I suggest in my guide - you just have to run 3 post cycles on him and be creative with you dumpster macros. Currently, my guide has macros that will keep glyphs of a single class in your bag, and will 'hinge' all your push / pulls. It is feasible to do this with 3~4 classes. The main problem is what happens when you gather your mail. Since ~90 of your bag slots will always be full, it could take 2-3x the number of mailbox trips to empty out. It seems like we may indeed be forced to run with a double-toon setup in order to remain efficient here.

    Quality OP, twitchie - thanks for the heads-up!
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    Good post, and one I think about a lot lately. I feel super prepared in my stock & ink, but not at all for this. =)
    I've kept to a single alt poster similar to how Stede recommends - I sell on both factions, so I have 2 of them. Considering how much time and money I have sunk into glyphs, I feel like I'll be cheating myself out of profit by not covering *all* glyphs at launch. But then I'd need to maintain 4 posters....bleh.

    I'm hoping there will be more faded glyphs. I know prime is leaving, but aren't those just getting converted into new ones? Or did I misinterpret that somewhere?

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    Nice post twitchie! I was planning on running 2 scribes as well, but now im considering three! Like stede, i thought with the removal of prime glyphs, the total number would drop to a manageable amount for one toon.

    Just out of curiosity where did you get this 400 number? Wowhead? Be careful, last i checked there were still some prime glyphs in Wowhead beta database that hadn't been removed yet. They easily could have be removed since
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    I've tried it several ways. If I try to fit it on one poster, I will usually post just 1 of each, crafting anything I'm short of on the spot. If I'm carrying any kind of inventory, I spread out to several posting alts so I have to room to sort. I hate running between mailbox and bank and auction house trying to swap bags around. I've found that logging between toons camped at the AH is usually faster than trying to manage one glyphposter running all over town like a headless...glyphposter.

    Current setup:

    1) Banker buys herbs and automails them to Scribe. This lets me store most of my herbs in the mailboxes, and any I don't get to in 30 days loop back to the banker to be remailed.

    2) Scribe mills herbs and automails pigments to Babyscribe on second account. (Thank you, SoR.) Again, this lets me store large amounts of pigments in the mailbox until I get around to dealing with it.

    3) Babyscribe crafts ink while AFK, which are automailed out to ink storage alts. All scribes and storage alts share a guild bank, with each ink type getting its own tab. Any extra spills over into storage alts, or stacks up in their mailboxes. (Sense a trend yet?)

    4) I have 4 alts designated for posting glyphs, with 3 classes per alt (odd man out gets scrolls and dusts). Glyphs are crafted by one of the scribes - both are fully researched - and automailed to the posting alts by class. If I keep a supply of glyphs on each one they only have to visit the mailbox every few days to gather up expired auctions.

    My operation scales back as the market slows down and my interest wanes. I went into Glyphmas with half my account busy managing Inscription supplies (95 bags worth), and about a year later was down to one scribe making small batches of .

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    Been thinking about this a little bit, i now have 3 toons with 525. One has all the glyph and the other two i just leveled in the last couple weeks. I was thinking one to mill and store. The other noob scribe to do trainer glyphs and the last one to do discovered glyphs, scrolls and what not.

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    I am currently running two glyph posters per faction and server, but I am considering increasing it to three with MoP. I have tried optimising glyph sales onto one character, but frankly, it's not for me. It's slower and I would be leaving money on the table by not selling all glyphs. Trainer-learnt glyphs or not, buyers do not know the difference if you reset regularly. The logout/tab to next character/login procedure is so blazingly fast, hit post, search and execute. Iterate. My loading times are nothing compared to constant runs to the bank. In addition, I frequently post via my iPhone and iPad which is also much friendlier with a multi-character setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangster View Post
    Just out of curiosity where did you get this 400 number? Wowhead?
    Yup, mop.wowhead. That's an excellent point, I'll have a closer look at the full list and report back.

    The reason I was reasonably confident, is that there are so few faded glyphs, and then there are lots of extra MoP material glyphs for leveling scribes in the expansion. However, it's not only the beta, but beta with datamining.... so I'd better have another look.

    EDIT: eyeballing the glyphs at mop.wowhead, they are all minor / major. Having done that exercise, I think I understand why it has been expanded so much. Many utility talents are now major glyphs, so that's a LOT of extra glyphs right there. Then you add in all the awesome minor glyphs, and it's a little glyph explosion. I'm surprised how many major glyphs are power oriented, but I guess you can't have all of them at once, so there's choice there.
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    I use 3 bankers to post my glyphs and another banker to post everything else. It speeds up my posting because they dont have to walk back and forth between the AH and bank. All of my posters have 3-4 classes and are equipped with pack of endless pockets. I can post atleast 10 times before i have to go clean out the mailbox.

    The major downside to 4 bankers is that almost out of alts i can level. Right now im crafting all glyphs, but after the rush of MoP i will reevaluate and only worry about the most profitable glyphs cutting my bankers down to 2.

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    Aye, the prime glyphs that were removed were not deleted or turned grey, they were transformed, plus others were added. It won't affect much the number of glyphs and they will increase. It will of course probably affect their price in the long term due to their lower significance for performance-driven gaming (at least on performance-driven realms) but this is a subject for another topic.



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