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    Cataclysm My Prediction For the Top Selling Most Sought After Item in Cataclysm

    Volatile Life

    This item is the replacement for Frost Lotus AND Eternal Lifes both, it will be used in Alchemy (Flasks and Potions), Leatherworking, Tailoring, Inscription (Offhands and Darkmoon Decks) and Jewelcrafting.

    I am sure as far as pure volume of sales Embersilk Cloth will win, but in regards to profit in total I can almost guarantee Volatile Life is where its at.

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    Maybe - it will definitely be valuable. A bigger question for me would be WHEN will it have the most value? Initially (first week to two?), I think people will ignore items like this while they level. Once max professions start to get hit, and teams begin to raid, then it will be a highly sought after item. My question would be when I get this, do I hold it for a week, or attempt to unload it immediately?
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    I think that it will be much sought after, but I believe it will be plentiful at least in the beginning. There are a limited amount of recipes that you would use it to level with and there will be a TON of people farming herbs with release, which equals an initial oversupply. Being that you get somewhere between 1-4 with every picking attempt there should actually be a glut of it right after the start of Cataclysm. However, once the initial farming rush is over I see this becoming harder to come by and thus the value increasing.

    Now all of this is speculation and I could be missing something here (I haven't actually planned out my skill ups yet.) But this is how I see it. Any other thoughts would be helpful.

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    I think it has max value immediately. Yes, lower demand at the macro, but also far less supply at the macro - people initially will be leveling, not farming. And there will be enough people chasing realm first achievements that are after all consumables which should push the prices from day one. This isn't a buy-and-hold in my book. Unfortunately I missed the opening few weeks of TLK so would defer to anyone's opinion that has active reference from corresponding markets in TLK.

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    I don't agree...I remember Frost Lotus were selling for 8-9g+ when wrath was just released.....and soon bounced back to 40+g one month after.

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    With raids being open right away, it's definitely a good speculation play. If listing fees aren't bad, you could list a host of them at the told Lotus prices (~50g) to at least help set market price. That being said, demand and supply both should spike during the Christmas holiday. The initial wave will have leveled and started their tradeskills and/or raiding, plus others will be catching up (and possibly farming along the way).

    Now, it could also be that a host of people are just waiting until the Holidays to do all of their leveling and so demand could be lower than I think. However, I feel there are more groups shooting for server first boss kills than there were in WotLK.

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    I'll be driving this markets sky high, unfortunately, with the amount of Volatile Life I'll be purchasing to make the new DMF cards (30 Volatile Life for each card). If that gives anyone any idea how important this item is.

    Also, the other Volatiles WILL be in high demand as well. If you just look at all the recipes for crafting professions, they will be using every single Volatile type.
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    Won't the fact that you gather 1-4 for EVERY herb (if this is correct?) mean that it will end up being a high supply, high demand market? If we look at other markets with high supply and high demand, where the material is pretty easy to farm (such as, say, saronite ore), you end up with a low-priced good. Saronite is generally purchased and then turned into something else, and that value-add is what makes it profitable.

    In short: I'm not sure that buying and selling volatile life itself is going to be very profitable. Farming it will make you money, sure, if you want to spend your time farming. Where I think the money will be is buying the volatile life and using it for crafting recipes, much like saronite in Wrath. - WoW economics, MMO philosophy, and more!

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    Hi There Guys!

    Being at it.. I have a question about Frost Lotus itself.. It has been droping prices up to 4g each at the moment on my server.. are they gonna get profitable again soon, like when alchemists are gonna skill up or it will stay as cheap for"almost"ever?


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    will go the way of the dodo as how it goes with (classic) and (TBC). At this time, is useful for 2nd biggest herb bag (). I want to point out that there is a Cataclysm version, , which is a 36 slotter (4 more slots than ).
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