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    Which starting Zone do you think will have the least people?


    Which starting zone do you think will have the least people?

    Keen to level in the Cataclysm starting zone with the lowest population.

    (I found a massive difference in the population and amount of mines/herbs available between Fjord/Tundra in Wotlk )


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    Well, I doubt there will be empty areas, especially at the start, I remember that at the WotLK launch i was leveling in Fjord and was fighting people for mobs, then I went to Borean and it was the very same thing.

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    You going to have to just wait and see probably. It will definitely vary from server to server.

    When release comes to a /who of each starting zone. Remember to check the other faction as well
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    I think regardless of where you go it will be crowded, though I do remember during BC launch that if you get in early (Right when the servers come up) you'll be able to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd

    My game plan consists of completing quests for the phased areas of zones then grind out XP running instances with 4 other guildies. We already have the group setup and just waiting for launch. Hopefully I'll be hitting 85 by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. From all my friends that managed to get beta invites instances seem to be the way to go if you want to level quickly.

    If I feel a need to go ahead and quest I have all my alts that I'll need to level and spend the time going slowly.



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