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    Start getting rid of your [Glyph of Mage Armor]

    Been talking to someone in JMTC mIRC channel who is in beta and apparently [Glyph of Mage Armor] and other missing glyphs are now back ingame and should be apparently on the PTR realms too.

    1. [19:35] <+Z-Man> I'm the only one left with mage armors, but no one wants them.
    2. [19:37] <+Z-Man> they're back on the ptr, so may start dumping them this weekend.
    3. [19:38] <+Z-Man> In 4.0.3 on the beta (should be on PTR too): Mage Armor is on trainers Vanish is learned from a book of glyph mastery Armors is learned from minor research Long Word is still missing. No research or trainer or book will learn it. Unrelated, Glyph of the Treant was added and it's learned from minor research.
    4. [19:39] <+Z-Man> 1 trainer, 1 book, 2 minor research.

    I went and removed some of the chat comments from others in between because they weren't relevant or were unnecessary.
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    This is also a great time to take advantage. I had someone try to dump theirs on my server three days ago at 35g each. Having them on my snatch list was perfect, I swooped down, bought them up and have sold one for 750g and am the only one left with one on AH.

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    Yes but if you have a bunch stocked up and want to see good profit from them you need to post them far enough under your competition that they buy them out thinking they can flip them for more. Then when they are stuck with the ones you sold them at like 200g to 300g a piece you can turn around and post the ones you just made (after the patch) at the more manageable level of 100 to 150g and hit up trade that their are cheap Mage Armor glyphs up. You will find people thinking they can flip them as well as mages who were holding out because of the high price buying them. Basically I plan on making as much gold out of this glyph as possible when the change comes and at the same time when I've made all the gold I can it will be my actions that lead to the market crashing completely. Perhaps I'll get lucky and see all these people without inscription cutting their losses at below mat cost and resupply myself with the over priced glyphs I made in the first place... One can only hope

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    A lot of scripes didn't know about the bug in the beginning, I bought up some, but waited with any posting to get my hands on the rest of peoples stock. I posted a single glyph with a 40G bid and no buyout for 48 hours. This is something i often do, since people often use other postings to set their price.

    Shortly before the 48 Hours where up I make a large bid from my other account. The 10-15G fee is very cheap considering i got my hands on around 15 of these glyphs at an average price of 75G. (The past 2 weeks i have gotten 100+ Deeprock Salt at average 38s/each this way byt removing all other offers and posting 1-2 at 35s bid and no buyout).

    Efter the first 2 days people started realising the bug, and the price came up. On tuesday after p4.0.1 I took a chance on 5 more at 100G each (I belevied that there was a good chance that the bug would be corrected in Wedensday server maintenance - but they didn't as you all know).

    I have 2 left have sold 18 in the range 399-750G. My profit from this glyph alone is 7.000G, and has been the easiest money I yet have earned in WOW.

    (I started beeing an active goldmaker with 2 accounts in august, at that point I had around 30K. My last sale of the glyph yesterday was actually the one sale, that brought my total gold over the legendary 214.748G)



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