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    Cataclysm Professions

    Speculation on each profession for the new recipes, I am not invited to the Beta but Wowhead has most all of the data available. Here's a quick reference:









    Each of the previous staple professions for gold making are getting severe adjustments to make the ability to make "easy" gold a bit harder. Assuming there aren't any last minute additions, that is.

    Early observations for each:

    Blacksmithing - Your primary method of making any profits in Wrath were shield enhancements, enchanting rods, and belt buckles. The shield enhancements and rods will continue but there is no replacement to belt buckles. It looks like blacksmiths will be relegated to making gear as cheaply as possible.

    Alchemy - I don't forsee any change to this profession that would make it any less profitable than it is now.

    Enchanting - Materials will obviously be more plentiful than ever before thanks to the LFG system. JC will remain a sister profession for gold making.

    Jewelcrafting - Formerly JC was a sister profession to enchanting offering easy low-cost materials. The new recipe demonstrates that a vendor reagent costing 1.50g each will be needed to create an Uncommon BOE and the Zephyrite (Blue crystal) will be the odd-gem out much like Shadow Crystals were this last push. The gem count requirement looks heavier for the different recipes. You will still make loads of profit from cutting gems for use in gear. Special JC only gems are still available.

    Engineering - The profession appears incomplete as of now, but offers:

    * Goblin Barbeque - a fish feast
    * Guns and Bows
    * Engineer only Loot-a-Rang (please make it to live)
    * Engineer Only gems

    Making money off this with the removal of ammunition will come from old pets, choppers, and making BBQ grills for cooks. Not very promising.

    Inscription - Discussed ad nauseum. Fortune cards, old glyphs, and decks.

    Leatherworking - Leg enchants for melee dps and tanks. You will otherwise be making gear for people.

    Tailoring - Leg enchants for casters and healers. New bags. And of course - GEAR!

    So what I see at this point is the following MOST consistent and profitable professions will be (in no order of worth), and the TL;DR:

    Tier 1: Must have these
    Enchanting - New gear, new enchants, consistent. Vellums are CHEAP.
    Jewelcrafting - Same as enchanting
    Alchemy - A raider's best friend

    Tier 2: Decent, but still consistent
    Blacksmithing - Gear, some enhancements.
    Leatherworking - Gear, leg enchants
    Tailoring - Gear, leg enchants
    Inscription - Decks are great, but will they remain relevant? Glyphs for rerolls.

    Tier 3: Bleh
    Engineering - Raid wise, extremely important. AH wise... what's this do again?

    I welcome discourse and will update my post to meet with changes.

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    I'm surprised about the fact that there isn't an update to belt buckles yet. It makes me wonder what will happen to the market on those if the only way to get your extra belt socket is with WotLK mats.

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    Look at the tooltips within the link there, Belt Buckles cannot be used on ilvl 300 or higher items so the belt slot will have stats that will require reforging to customize to your needs. This basically means that the minute you replace your Wrath Epic with a Cataclysm quest reward, Belt Buckles are no longer of any use.

    So far, they've removed Ammo, Belt Buckles, Re-Glyphing. While the vast majority of casual players will rejoice because they no longer have to spend gobs of money, the point here is that people interested in making gold will all gravitate towards 3 Tier 1 professions - JC, Ench, and Alch. The others will all make severe farming demands on a player in regards to materials.

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    Oh, I hadn't noticed the updated tooltip on the Cataclysm version. I would have to agree that consistent money is going to be in those three profs (and gathering of course).

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    I would have to stick tailoring in the tier 1.5 range, at least in the beginning of cataclysm's release. Being able to gather extra cloth will help sales of cloth and enchanting mats. When combined with enchanting you have a very self-sufficient toon for making money with no reliance on other professions.

    On a related note. I think blizz should remove the auto-DE from LFD groups for the initial release of cata. It will be more then just a convenience early on.

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    New belt buckle
    [item lang=cata]Ebonsteel Belt Buckle[/item]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefluffyrocker View Post
    New belt buckle
    [item lang=cata]Ebonsteel Belt Buckle[/item]
    Hmmm...interesting. I wonder why create a NEW belt buckle BUT with the same benefits as the current one? Unless they are planning to allow you to wear both WOTLK and Cataclysm belt buckles, or add extra benefits I don't see the point?

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    Awesome catch Fluffy.

    The reason they created a new one is to prevent you from having to go to Northrend and gather the materials. This can best be understood by Blizzard's evolution over the years. In BC this all started with Enchanting when for about 4 months we were going to Azeroth to collect mats for our cloaks and hands.

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    One thing that wasn't mentioned in your post is that alchemy is going to take a bit of a hit to the pocketbook because of the advent of guild cauldrons for flasks. I haven't had a chance to play around with these in beta, but if my understanding is correct, it'll be an item that can be dropped from which raiders can pull flasks for their run. This means that potions of various types might become the best sellers unless there are enough non guilded raiders on your server to make it worthwhile.

    It could still be profitable, but I'm guessing it won't be nearly as good as it was at the start of Wrath.

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    Guild summon raid wide caldron comes in 2 flavors 25-man version [item lang=cata]Big Cauldron of Battle[/item] and 10-man version [item lang=cata]Cauldron of Battle[/item]. I notice the that [item lang=cata]Big Cauldron of Battle[/item] has 17 charges and [item lang=cata]Cauldron of Battle[/item] has 7 charges. This means 8 people in 25-man raid is going to be left out and 3 people in 10-man will be left out. Blizz may fix this so lets wait and see.

    To make the Caldrons, it still take 12 flasks to make [item lang=cata]Big Cauldron of Battle[/item] and 4 flasks and 8x [item lang=cata]Deathblood Venom[/item] to make so there will be room for profit. However, I find the components are a strange combination: 3 [item lang=cata]Flask of Steelskin
    [/item] (Stam) for 3 tanks, 3 [item lang=cata]Flask of the Draconic Mind[/item] (Int) for mana casters, 3 [item lang=cata]Flask of the Winds[/item] (Agility) for rogues/hunters/shamans, 3 [item lang=cata]Flask of the Titanic Strength[/item] for DKs/warriors.

    I) Flasks will always be popular. --> Profit for alchemist traders.
    II) Not everybody in raid will get to use the caldron. --> Profit for alchemist traders.
    III) Most of the profit will come from selling [item lang=cata]Flask of the Draconic Mind[/item] as this single flask covers all healing specs, mages, warlocks, boomkins, and elemental shamans.
    IV) Another alternative for spirit bonus specs [item lang=cata]Flask of the Flowing Water[/item] +300 Spirit. Potentially market - resto druids and holy priests.

    Additional alchemy profits?
    [item lang=cata]Potion of Deepholm[/item] - Ports you to Deepholm unless there is a portal hub there.
    [item lang=cata]Potion of Treasure Finding[/item] - For all 4th secondary profession seekers.
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