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    Hording/holding till Cata?

    Anyone else think its a good idea to hold on to any of your rare patterns/plans till after cata comes out. With everyone having a bigger bank roll I think it just makes sence holding on to them for a few more months.

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    I would say its a good idea, however, you may have to wait until your realm is closer to the end of T11 content to make your sales. In my experience sales are easier when people start to get bored.

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    You might get some extra scratch from all the completionist type people leveling, but you also might be sitting on it longer than you think. Remember: your gold making bank roll will be growing right along side everyone else's, so that little extra potential profit will not seem as big as it does now.

    I'd recommend continuing to monitor prices and if you hit a mark you're comfortable selling at, just offload it. If you never hit that mark, go ahead and hold until you do.

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    As stated in the "Items you should have a your Snatch List" thread.

    [Razzashi Hatchling] is going to become super rare since it will no longer be available ingame after Cataclysm (confirmed by a blue post). At the moment you can easily sell them for 3,000-6,000g on most servers. Which is great if you are new and trying to earn a bit of startup (not too hard to farm, just take time), but if you have gold and patience then you should rather buy out as many as you possibly can for reasonable prices and stockpile them for Cataclysm.

    Something else (which I also mentioned in the above mentioned thread) is [Golden Peal]. Currently they sell for 100-200g each, simply because they are quite hard to find. As it is, it is a great item to have on your snatch list because many new players leveling up come across these and don't know the real value for them. So you can often find them for as little as 1-5g each.

    But now the real reason I brought this up is, there are two main sources for this item. One is farming Naga in Azshara (and we all know Azshara is being revamped into a level 85 zone or what ever in Cataclysm).
    The second main source is from [Red Sack of Gems], [Yellow Sack of Gems], [Green Sack of Gems] and [Grey Sack of Gems] which drops from Nefarian, Emeriss (world boss), Lethon (world boss), Taerar (world boss) and Ysondre (world boss). These world bosses are being removed in Cataclysm leaving only Nefarian in BWL behind.



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