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    NEW & Updated pet achieves in 4.2

    So I noticed that Blizzard is updating the 100 pet and 125 pet achieves to award Magical Pet Biscuit

    Also, a new achieve for 150 pets will award Nut's Acorn, a new pet.

    As was seen with the release of 4.1, it's likely that we could see another boost to pet sales in 4.2, now that the 100 & 125 achieves offer a reward and the 150 pet achieves offers a pet reward.

    I for one would welcome another boost to pet sales. I sold a ton of the and , along with a decent amount of .
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    Yep I also noticed this, been stocking up on pre-bc, tbc and wotlk pets from my limited supply guides, you can see some of my sales:

    BTW just released a new limited/vendor guide a few mins ago for Dalaran (includes pets in the route)
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    Just out of curiosity, is there any way to find out which pets people already have through the armory or something?

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    That would be a pretty nice thing, but unfortunately i doubt that. At least according to my researches. I wanted to send some pets to some friends in the guild, as a little present, but i didn't want to send pets they already had... but couldn't find a list with pets they already knew.

    And i guess i'll gotta get some for 4.2. Sold lots of with BIG profit (600g / each, now "only" 350g profit / each).
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    You can sometimes find people on but it's going to be hit and miss. Generally you'll only find serious pet collectors and often it won't be under their toon name.

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    You could at least look at how many pets they have by the achievements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valdron View Post
    Just out of curiosity, is there any way to find out which pets people already have through the armory or something?
    Unfortunately not, only thing you can see if the exact number of pets the person owns by looking at their pet achievements or their statistics, Armory > Statistics > Character > Gear.

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    I've been selling pets for a really long experience is that pets do rise and fall in popularity but not in any predictable way. Two weeks might go by when nobody wants to buy a yeti, then I'll sell five in a day.

    At the end of the day, they're all profitable. I keep a stock of 12 of each and just pop them on the AH as they sell.

    Edited to add: the one rule that I have with the pets is to set a minimum price and stick to it. Because I want to be the main seller of engineering pets on my server, I want to establish the standard price. So, for example, right now I sell Lil' Smoky for 125g and if other people post I'll drop down to my minimum of 95g, but no lower. The pets are annoying to assemble and I snap up all the cheap mats, it's really not fertile ground for people who want to get into price wars.
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