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    Might we expect a rush of people leveling enchanting?

    I'm wondering if the increased accessibility to maelstrom crystals might not prompt a noticeable number of players to level enchanting in order to take advantage of it. I really don't have anything behind this except a "hey, maybe this might happen..." sort of feeling, but it might be worth keeping an eye on the prices of lower-level enchanting mats on your server though, just in case.

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    I wouldn't think so. If there is, it probably wouldn't be anyone worth worrying about. It's a big investment to be making a knee-jerk reaction over. Also, if anyone were to do a bit of research, they will likely see an increase in the competition over the scrolls soon enough and will be able to recognize the downward trend of the maelstrom prices.

    Low-level enchanting mats aren't really the focal point of the "powerleveling" market - mid-level enchanting mats are. Low-level enchanting mats are almost always in abundance because of people who start to powerlevel the prof and then stop around the middle, furthering the cycle with all the low-level mats the now have from DE'ing.

    So, even if the maelstrom prices are enough of a draw to get people to powerlevel it, what I would do is empty the market around the mid-point in order to keep them from competing with you. You will likely be able to run higher profit margins by keeping people out of the maelstrom scrolls than you will by gouging them on low and mid range enchanting mats.

    Just a thought, though.
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