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    Tip: Go Long on Elementium Geodes

    Back when Trial of the Crusader was first released, hundreds of Argent Tournament pets were dumped onto the market. Most goblins took this opportunity to stockpile, after all raiders would soon move on to bigger and badder carrots. Sure enough, fast forward 6 months and Argent Tournament pets were to 2000g from 250g. This was a fairly obvious investment for anyone seeking to go long.

    I think the situation is much the same for a newly introduced pet, the . This pet is found in Elementium Veins at a rate of 0.1%. At present, Elementium is being mined more intensely than ever, so the market is completely over-saturated with Geodes. On Thunderlord, prices have plummeted to 150g or less in the past few weeks, and I don't expect them to recover any time soon especially if mining bots persist. I'm not observing these prices all over the US, in fact The Undermine Journal gives the Geode an Alliance Market Price of 817g versus 190g on Thunderlord. This could be the result of more intensive botting/farming on Thunderlord (per capita).

    Nonetheless, keep an eye on your Elementium Geode market. If and when it tanks, this market will present a perfect opportunity to go long (really long). And that's my quick tip for today.

    At what price do you think Geodes will bottom out?
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    Excellent tip! I was able to pick up 4 around 250g each.

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    I have been doing this quite a lot recently. I buy up the botter ones around 200 gold and sell them for 600-700 gold.

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    they're still in the 800's on my server, but i'll keep my eye out. Might as well, got enough of my fingers in pet markets lol

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    Found one for 259g. Adding this to my TUJ snatch list. Thanks for the post!

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    They can often be found here for under 150g here on Frostmourne. While I think it's a good price, there's still a lot of time for them to drop + a big waste of bank space.

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    Started doing this a while ago. On my server they hover between 100g and 200g.

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    Will be keeping an eye on this for sure. What do you guys think a good price to snatch them up at would be? Some on my server for just under 400. I'll keep an eye on it.

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    I do so many different things I didn't really think of it at first when I read this thread, but then I went ingame to check beancounter, and what do you know, I bought 3 of those pets 9 days ago for only 100-125g each. I will definitly try to keep a more open eye on these in the future.
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    Picked up two at 94 / 100g
    Other two at 125g
    Last four on AH was at 375 - dunno if they were worth the hassle.



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