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    And So The Pyrite Ore Debate Comes to and End? Black Iron Ore Datamined!

    BAM, as Stede just reported, a new Ore has been datamined from beta servers, and it's getting people talking. And according to its item data string, Black Iron Ore is prospectable!

    Still, I'm not entirely convinced that Pyrite will lose its value. I'd wager that Pyrite will indeed prospect into epic gems, and Black Iron Ore possibly prospecting a higher rate of epic gems, and possibly even legendary gems. This follows the progression we've seen in past expansions;

    Vanilla: No gems.
    TBC: Rare gems - very accessible. Epic gems - very inaccessible.
    WotLK: Rare gems abundant. Epic gems - very accessible.
    Cataclysm: Epic gems - very accessible. Legendary gems - very inaccessible.

    This is also in line with the legendary item progression. Indeed, three legendary items have been datamined from 4.1 and 4.2, which is totally unprecedented. Blizzard also mentioned that Cataclysm may be the first expansion to feature an Artifact quality item;

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarhym
    [...]perhaps even an artifact quality item, but we have to be careful with these. Don't expect stat budgets to be higher than legendary weapons. Artifacts may simply provide aesthetic benefits or cool on-use effects.
    There you have it folks. You heard it here first. Legendary Gems from Black Iron Ore!

    Sterling beaming out!
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    I thought the initial definition of Artifact quality was "1 per server"? I can only hope that changes.

    This is very interesting, and gives a little bit more fuel to my "it's called Pyrite for a reason" debate.

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    Artifact items / legendary gems might also be just the thing to win people back from RIFT.

    Good move on Blizzard's part, imo. Black Iron Ore FTW!!

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    By patch 4.3 we're all going to be rocking Artifact quality gems, lest we be considered scrubs who only have the Legendary ones. I, for one, welcome this change.

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    TBC gems were very accessible, almost overly accessible - provided you were in a guild that raided and did it well. If you were getting past 2 bosses in Battle for MH, you were definitely flush in gems. The dropped like candy in BT. I was sporting epic gems by late summer of TBC release. With the release of 2.4 they became the reason to complete your daily heroic.

    Hmm, I see a distinct nomenclature similarity... Dark Iron Ore... Molten Core ... Black Iron Ore... Firelands... The Firelands instance (per Blizzcon 2010) had the feel of an upgraded Molten Core - a raid with a definite flow. Back then you collected stacks of the ore from random veins inside the Core just so you could make a trip to BRD and make bars so you could gear your tanks for Rag and Vael. I'm betting dollars to doughnuts that Firelands will have mineral veins scattered throughout that will mine both the ore and the rare epic gems. Don't get too excited because Blizz used to have a habit of doing this...

    So here's the call: You will have to bring a miner with 535+ Mining skill (enchants, just like Vanilla) to Firelands. Blacksmiths are going to be charged with making the new tank/dps/healing gear, so because gear > gems, these frickin' ores are going to be on par with ridonkulous in price as all the guild leaders with half a brain are going to require gearing their tanks and healers first. These ores are not going to be 2 fer 1 smelting either, count on it. I wouldn't be surprised if they follow the Dark Iron recipe requiring a gem and elements.

    This will make pugging incredibly dicey, because all the miners are going to be falling over themselves to get to the veins first, pulling all the trash mobs and wiping the groups. I can't wait to hear about it!

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    One of the better April's Fool jokes I've seen today! :-)

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    It's unfortunate, but I don't participate in April 1st jokes. I expand on them!

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    I hate you guys. I almost started selling my entire stock of pyrite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggity View Post
    I hate you guys. I almost started selling my entire stock of pyrite.
    Free thought, its a good thing

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    Guess we now know this isn't serious gold making site.



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