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    Future Glyphs & Herb Prices

    Blizzard have said they didn't want to release new glyphs for the new talents/skills we got levels 81-85 until things were "balanced". What do people think about stockpiling Blackfallow Inks for any future glyphs that may come? Will probably not be in 4.2, but possibly 4.3 (which is a half year a way or so I imagine ... :/).

    So, what are your thoughts about stockpiling Blackfallow Inks for any future glyphs that may be implemented?

    Myself I'm more unsure about the amount of inks to stockpile, rather than if I should or not.


    It might be worthwhile stockpiling herbs/life/flasks as the prices of herbs will most likely rise with new glyphs becoming available: prices of flasks will increase or/and you'll eliminate some competition that is unaware of the new Blackfallow Ink demand and thereby also the increased herb cost.


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    This might be worthwhile closer to the time but much like the argument for stockpiling pyrite, the prices on the AH are still falling all the time so by buying now your essentially holding onto a depreciating stockpile that may not see the proposed jump in value you are stockpiling for.

    For inks in particular, as flower prices plummet more people are simply going to be trading down inks at the ink trader rather than buying low level flowers for specific inks as a lot of people are still doing, as they are significantly cheaper than trading down. Once people start doing that more scribes will have stockpiles of blackfallow ink as standard which will dramatically reduce the effect of the addition of a few extra glyphs on supplies.

    If you did plan on doing something like this i would hold onto flowers rather than inks/flask/elixirs as this will allow you to maximise any potential gains that may arrise by moving into whichever market works out best, rather than being stuck with what you have.

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    I think nearly everything in Cata is depreciating and being worth less. So there may be a bump in glyphs, but is it enough to overcome the tide? I am guessing not.

    My guess is that darkmoon cards / fortune cards and alchemy consume far more herbs than glyphs do these days so an increase in glyphs won't have the impact it would have.



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