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    JC - Chimera's Eye

    The Chimera's Eye is the Cata upgrade from the Dragon's Eye, with the same type of uses in Cata level jewellery and JC only gem cuts.

    In Wrath, the Dragon's Eye could also be combined with infinite dust to make a Nightmare Tear (+10 all stats) that was very popular (partly due to stats, partly due to helping resolve meta gem requirements). There was also the junior version, Enchanted Tear (+6) that didn't use a JC token gem.

    I haven't seen anything regarding the potential for Cata versions of either as yet, and was wondering what thoughts anyone else had on when, or if, a Chimera's Tear (+15 or +20) may be introduced, and also if the popularity of said gem would be less than the Wrath equivalent due to the changes in metagem priorities (it seems that the new cuts are mostly better, and they need 3 red to activate).

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    In Wrath, the Tear was used largely to cover meta requirements, since back then the DPS metas needed at least one of each color gem. Pretty much every class would rather use a colored gem in a given socket, especially with the new DPS meta requirements.

    There could still be a market for people who are either using alts and don't care or for those who want to "plug and go." And considering the best chest enchants for most DPS are the +Stats enchants, that could color people's thinking.

    I would say it's not worth it. If you're getting cheap Eyes or burning tokens already, you'll get much more value from making and selling the rings/necks.