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    2200 Arena weapons

    Just something I've been thinking about for a while, while it's not a surefire thing, I have little to no doubt that the 2200 Arena weapons for this season will be released sometime in the next month or so, simply because it's unlikely that blizzard can justify it being delayed any longer without scrapping the idea of 2200 weapons for this season altogether.

    So on that note, if/when blizzard does release the weapons, if you are on a server with a large number of people near, at, or above the 2200 rating mark, what you're likely to see is an influx of people wanting the best possible weapon enchants, since they worked their asses off to earn the best possible weapons (outside of heroic raids).

    So, in preparation for this, I've acquired a small stockpile of scrolls of enchant weapon: Hurricane, Power Torrent, and Landslide, as those seem to be the 3 best weapon enchants available in the game, and are likely to sell at higher then I bought/made them for later in the game, regardless of if my 2200 weapons gamble pays off or not, as guilds slowly start to work their way through heroic raids and gear up their raiders.

    I realize that this is a high risk gamble though, as many of the players who reach 2200 will have access to a gbank or guild enchanters to do these enchants, which is why I have mostly been creating the scrolls myself, using maelstroms from disenchanting conquest wands, and buying only when the prices are at a maximum of 60% of the market price.

    What do you all think?

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    i believe blizzard said around 6 weeks after 4.0.6 drops but then again this is blizzard and they could change the date to farther back or before

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    They said it would be 2 weeks after 4.06 which is today! After a little bit of a delay this mornign they are up and live. I expect enchants and weapon chains to move a bit faster this week.*-updated-2-22
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    Holy smoke.... I just dropped a bunch of Conquest Points on the 365 Chest Piece for my Rogue last night. Now these 365 weapons come out and they're BiS pre-Heroic raids. %$*%^$#@!!!
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