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    Question Lifegiving Seed - Speculation?

    Just curious what others think of Lifegiving Seed (the cataclysm one, the link wouldn't work). They're cheap on my server (1g or less), and essentially useless for anything. But will they stay that way? Maybe a future patch will include these as a mat for some crazy expensive epic item?

    I have been stockpiling these since a couple days after launch, wondering if they will ever be useful for anything other than pretending to be a flower.
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    Well, they are great to regenerate Mana/Health. My herb uses them in instances to save expensive drinks I think they are essentially the same as the thing that shielded you for a small amount which could be found in BC. I highly doubt that it will be changed.

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    They have lowered the drop rate on them, in my opinion, and I wonder if over time you'll see raiding herbalists looking for them because they're quick, easy and fairly cheap (at the moment.)



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