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    Stock up on Volatile Life before 4.0.6 goes life?

    The updated patchnotes for patch 4.0.6 contain two interesting changes for Alchemy:
    Alchemist's Stones for Agility, Strength, and Intellect have been added
    The number of herbs required to create flasks has been reduced, while the Volatile Life needed has been increased slightly
    The newly added Alchemist Stones will most likely have similar reagents as Lifebound Alchemist Stone, some herbs and 50 Volatile Life. If we combine this information with the reduction for herbs and increase in Volatile Life needed to create flasks there's only one logical conclusion: The demand for Volatile Life is going to increase. The biggest question is if the increase will be enough to result to an increase in price, what do you think?

    I've made two posts on my blog for patch 4.0.6 which also include the changes for Jewelcrafting:
    New patchnotes 4.0.6: buy Volatile Life?
    Patch 4.0.6 - New meta gems incoming

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    I have just blogged about this today , I think that the price will shift up a couple of percent after a initial spike around patch day . Offering the Latest Gold making Tips and Addon Guides

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    The prices are going to plummet from now on seeing as the main use of these was making Alch stones which were later disenchanted. On my server volatile lifes are down 2g per so far.



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