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    WoD Automatic Glyphs

    To "solve" the well known problem of genuinely new characters being unable to afford glyphs as they level (because the market is based on max-level income), WoD will grant certain glyphs to characters as they level.

    A full list of the specific glyphs is given in the latest Alpha patch notes.

    I've counted 86 such free glyphs, with is less than 20% of the total currently made by Scribes, but likely includes plenty of the popular glyphs, so the impact on the profession will be more significant.

    Note that, "Recipes for these Glyphs have been removed", which will almost certainly mean any of the named glyphs you have in your inventory when 6.0 hits will turn grey and relatively worthless.

    On the plus side this makes it easier for glyph sellers to manage their inventory. OK, I'm struggling for positives. It is difficult to know where Inscription is heading in WoD. There may yet be other things in the pipeline. The patch notes simply don't say.

    Added: For reference, here's the full list in alphabetical order:

    Glyph of Afterlife
    Glyph of Ambush
    Glyph of Avenging Wrath
    Glyph of Black Ice
    Glyph of Blink
    Glyph of Bloodthirst
    Glyph of Breath of Fire
    Glyph of Bull Rush
    Glyph of Cat Form
    Glyph of Cheap Shot
    Glyph of Chimera Shot
    Glyph of Dark Succor
    Glyph of Dash
    Glyph of Dazing Shield
    Glyph of Deadly Momentum
    Glyph of Death and Decay
    Glyph of Death Grip
    Glyph of Demon Training
    Glyph of Denounce
    Glyph of Dispersion
    Glyph of Divine Storm
    Glyph of Double Jeopardy
    Glyph of Drain Life
    Glyph of Ember Tap
    Glyph of Enraged Speed
    Glyph of Entangling Roots
    Glyph of Eternal Earth
    Glyph of Fade
    Glyph of Fae Silence
    Glyph of Faerie Fire
    Glyph of Fear
    Glyph of Ferocious Bite
    Glyph of Final Wrath
    Glyph of Fists of Fury
    Glyph of Flame Shock
    Glyph of Flash of Light
    Glyph of Fortuitous Spheres
    Glyph of Frost Nova
    Glyph of Frostfire Bolt
    Glyph of Gag Order
    Glyph of Harsh Words
    Glyph of Healing Storm
    Glyph of Healing Touch
    Glyph of Healing Wave
    Glyph of Healthstone
    Glyph of Holy Fire
    Glyph of Levitate
    Glyph of Liberation
    Glyph of Light of Dawn
    Glyph of Lightning Shield
    Glyph of Long Charge
    Glyph of Mana Tea
    Glyph of Maul
    Glyph of Mending
    Glyph of Might of Ursoc
    Glyph of Mind Blast
    Glyph of Misdirection
    Glyph of Nature's Grasp
    Glyph of Omens
    Glyph of Pathfinding
    Glyph of Penance
    Glyph of Polymorph
    Glyph of Rapid Rolling
    Glyph of Rebirth
    Glyph of Recuperate
    Glyph of Reflective Shield
    Glyph of Rejuvenation
    Glyph of Renew
    Glyph of Savagery
    Glyph of Shield Wall
    Glyph of Siphon Life
    Glyph of Slow
    Glyph of Smite
    Glyph of Spinning Crane Kick
    Glyph of Spiritwalker's Grace
    Glyph of Stealth
    Glyph of Templar's Verdict
    Glyph of the Alabaster Shield
    Glyph of the Executor
    Glyph of the Master Shapeshifter
    Glyph of Thunder
    Glyph of Totemic Recall
    Glyph of Unholy Command
    Glyph of Victory Rush
    Glyph of Water Elemental
    Glyph of Word of Glory
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    that is a disappointing read . I wonder if this is just a band-aid fix and they will implement a better system in the future, or will they just leave it as is? Maybe this could be a good thing in that the lesser glyphs will skyrocket in pricing and or the new glyphs will require herbs from warlords.

    also interesting that they are allowing herbalist and miners to gather their materials anywhere now without going from zone to zone. They will get less herbs/ores if their skill lvl is lower then the zone requires. This might make low lvl herbs/ores skyrocket and be more valuable, that is unless blizz decides to have catch-up mechanics in all professions.

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    @burningforce - The need for a band-aid fix has been apparent since WotLK beta, so that we're only now seeing changes suggests this is deemed a solution. I didn't read the Herbalism (and Mining) notes as changing where materials could be gathered, merely that the volume of materials will be factored by skill. Given that serious gatherers have their skill maxed, I don't anticipate major changes to supply. I see it as primarily a leveling change, rather than a major economy change.

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    Since @PhatLewts asked nicely:

    Distribution of Auto-Glyphs by Existing Source

    46 Inscription Trainers
    16 Northrend Inscription Research
    14 Northrend Inscription Research or Book of Glyph Mastery
    4 Minor Inscription Research
    4 Scroll of Wisdom Research
    2 Technique: Pandaria world drop

    Distribution of Auto-Glyphs by Class

    4 Death Knight
    15 Druid
    6 Hunter
    6 Mage
    7 Monk
    12 Paladin
    9 Priest
    5 Rogue
    8 Shaman
    6 Warlock
    8 Warrior

    The class distribution is unexpectedly unbalanced... Although it is logical that multi-role classes have significantly more, so perhaps not so unbalanced.
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    I'm not saddened by this change at all. Glyph inventory management is a complete pain. For me, I found it easiest to have 3 characters just to hold and post glyphs. I have to do three scans per post cycle, but I can completely AFK collecting it from the mail every two weeks. Personally I'd be happier if they increased the number of automatic glyphs to 200, but increased the crafting cost of purchasable glyphs 10-fold.

    Anybody out there want to put together a TSM item import list so I can remove these from my restock list?

    Quote Originally Posted by Elen View Post
    @burningforceI didn't read the Herbalism (and Mining) notes as changing where materials could be gathered, merely that the volume of materials will be factored by skill. Given that serious gatherers have their skill maxed, I don't anticipate major changes to supply. I see it as primarily a leveling change, rather than a major economy change.
    Essentially they said they are removing the minimum mining level to mine nodes (side note: I thought they did this already with the Pandaria gathering prof catchup? Ghost Iron Nugget, Torn Green Tea Leaf et. al.). Instead of not being able to mine say thorium with only level 150 mining, you can now mine it, but it will yield a less-than-normal amount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burningforce View Post
    that is unless blizz decides to have catch-up mechanics in all professions.
    Hwoo's tweet last month was "Hwoo @hwoome @Thoorium Of the various catch up systems we experimented with in Mists, we liked herbalism/mining the best. Plan is for more like that." so I am expecting catchups for all professions but nothing is certain ofc.


    Another question is how many fewer profession people will be in WoD? Since professions will no longer be providing combat bonuses, I am assuming a number of people will no longer bother with professions. So there could be a tad less competition. Although that is not really an issue for Inscription which IMO was not a profession for amateurs.

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    @UtesDad not entirely sure if import list needs some more magic than just separating ItemIDs by comma but here it is:


    Should have all glyphs that @Elen listed.
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    I am surprised it took them this long to "solve" the problem people cannot afford glyphs, lack of book of glyph mastery, discovering techniques, etc....

    With every patch its clear to me, the powers that be do not understand how we make gold and why we make gold. Inscription have been such a powerful gold making profession for me since I started in Wrath of 2/2009. They gave us shoulder enchants and had no idea how we would use it at first as a vendor item value. Just like in Cata, they made a solid vendor floor of obsidium ore at 54g , they had to back track on both.

    So , in conclusion, I am never worried what the changes are, thank you @Elen for the investigation. But never underestimate how lazy your buyers are. You can still sell copper rods , most people have no idea of how the auction house works and I am sure there will plenty of inefficiencies in WoD for a gold maker to exercise arbitrage.

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    People will also want to be prepared for the whiplash effect with competition.

    Stage 1: DOOM! Scribes abandon the glyph market because it is sufficiently "ruined".
    Stage 2: Plunder! Remaining scribes reap the rewards of an abandoned, but not "ruined" market.
    Stage 3: Scramble! Scribes come flocking back to inscription when they see prices aren't in the toilet.
    Stage 4: DOOM! Market is saturated with supply and prices DO fall. Fairweather scribes, believing their worst fears have been confirmed, leave the market again.
    Stage 5: Normalization - Supply and demand stabilize, and the glyph market once again proves to be a reliable source of regular income.

    If you can ride the waves during stages 1-4, you'll do well for yourself.

    One of the side effects I think we might see with these changes, is the average player becomes more likely to shell out for those higher price point glyphs. If you only have to buy 2-3 glyphs for your spec, instead of 8-10, it becomes a lot less intimidating if prices are up at 200g+. It also obviously frees them up to spend in other markets, but that's another story altogether
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    Looking through the notes, it seems quite a few abilities that currently have associated glyphs are being removed entirely or being made spec specific (like Avenging Wrath for Pallies, or Renew for Priests). I suspect quite a few of those glyphs will end up greyed out as well.

    I'm a bit leery of this news, but since current glyph inventory is a p.i.t.a. even with TSM, maybe it will still work out for the best.



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