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    US Sargeras GLyph Market

    The Group
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    Sounds like a price fixing cartell, or am I wrong?
    Trying to develope a sense for economics since 1873

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    you would be right, Glyphs are 200g ea on US Sargeras atm

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    Cartels in wow never work.
    One member always rolls a brand new toon, with a strange name on a second account.
    Then starts undercutting.
    Cartels in wow just won't work.

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    I'm going to remove this since OP has removed info from his post and I don't want to encourage more people to go there and screw with their operation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprilmyriad View Post
    This is an advertisement for an enterprising scribe to start posting massive quantities of glyphs at 99g.
    LOL - I was thinking the exact same thing.

    Not the sort of thing I'd advertise, personally.
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    You can be a part of the solution or a part of the problem, have it your way this is Burger King baby

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    dumb to post about it I think
    If I had a char on this server I would take advantage of this.

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    Don't worry. One of the guys in the group already decided to stop white-listing.



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