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    Patch 5.4 possibly super cheap Sha Crystal DE

    If you look under the professions part of WoWhead, you'll see that crafters get to craft a new tier of PvP armor, that is malevolent. The armor is epic quality, and level 476.

    Some of the starting materials is rather low cost, take for example some of the cloth epics only require 6 windwool cloth bolts, crafting plate PvP armor some only require 12 Ghost Iron Bars . The LW crafted gear requires as little as 2 magnificent hide. Using LW route may be profitable if you use the once a day CD and don't have use for hides. But windwool cloth seems to be the most cost effective, while ghost iron bars are fairly cheap too. Not too sure about hides.

    To put this into perspective, if they really do DE into Sha Crystals, then we will pretty much see the price of it to collapse, and will collapse the below 100g per Sha crystal part. This will have a huge effect on the high end weapons, and bracer enchants. If PTR does come up to be true, then we would be possible to see the price for to collapse to 1/3rd or 1/4th of today's prices.

    For those people who are thinking about stockpiling Sha Crystals, if this comes true the value of those will crash to a fraction of what it once was. To this day getting Sha Crystals, is limited to once a day CD, running LFR to DE loot, running regular raids and DE the loot that's not needed, or buying some cheap leveling BoE epics that can be used at level 87, and its level 440. 5 mans only drop blues, and doing a heroic scenario might give you a epic in the end of that sachet.

    If this goes live, then expect a huge flood and price collapse of Sha Crystals as well as the products that's produced from it.

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    Right now I'm getting my shards and most of my essences from DEing PvP bracers. I buy any cloth I can find on the AH upto 30g/stack (13750 bought average 1.32g in the last 30 days). With the bountiful bags perk, this puts my costs at around 26g per shard and 8.6g per essence; a lot cheaper than AH prices or converting dust.

    If this goes live, this means roughly 40g per crystal, 20g per shard and 6.6g per essence, so I'll definitely be stocking up on windwool cloth.

    One thing to consider though; there may be a possible delay in obtaining the recipes, like the 5.2 BS recipes (this took 20-30 days if I remember correctly?). So, until we're sure these recipes will be live as soon as 5.4 hits, don't abandon stocking up completely.

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    I have a feeling by the time the PTR is released they will be considered rare quality items despite the item levels being released. This happened in cata with the PVP gear being item level 377 but still blue quality items not disenchanting into crystals. I would hold out on any speculation until more info is known.

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    I hope they are rare quality...otherwise this will ruin my day! New crafted pvp blues is a boon for people trying to get their alts into the LFR raids. I will be stockpiling hides and ore.

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    Agree with others, Blizzard will be crazy to not make these rare quality unless they want to see 500g Jade Spirit/Dancing Steel enchants on the market.

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    I've been stocking up on cheaper than average Sha Crystals for the last few weeks, to sell after raid resets as well as for 5.4, so this would really derp me over if it was true, but yeah I can't see Blizzard going ahead with this giving sha crystals, even if they stay "epic" they might be made to De into something else, who knows.

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    Hey, i am saving some mats for new patch.

    I am gonna say prices at my server: Magnificent Hide (+-100g) ; Bolt of Windwool Cloth( 150g stack ), ores i got alot

    Should i buy Magnificent from this price? and sabe them to 5.4? In your thinks what mats we can save to get good profit?

    I am asking because i am wondering a new virtual AH can do prices going down....

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    If this goes through it would crash the entire enchanting market, not just high end enchants. On my server windwool is 30g a stack. Assuming the bountiful bags perk ~27g sha crystal = ~13.5g ethereal shard = ~4.5g mysterious essence = ~1.5g spirit dust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ersiusp View Post
    If this goes through it would crash the entire enchanting market, not just high end enchants. On my server windwool is 30g a stack. Assuming the bountiful bags perk ~27g sha crystal = ~13.5g ethereal shard = ~4.5g mysterious essence = ~1.5g spirit dust.
    lucky you. we are around that mark

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    My guess is, based on past experience, past pvp crafting experience, they may very likely be switched to Rare quality.

    There is always the chance that Blizzard is doing this intentionally too, although, they typically try not to drastically alter markets in game. Although, they have done things that resulted in that, nonetheless, just not very often.

    We'll see soon enough what the end result is, I'm sure.

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