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Cheap Enchanting Mats from Gaudy Winter Sweater

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    Cheap Enchanting Mats from Gaudy Winter Sweater

    Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater can be bought for 22c and D/Es into Strange Dust and Lesser Magic Essence.

    A very cheap way to level from 1-170 in enchanting.

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    Nice find. I actually thought about this too, but I didn't take the time to actually test it to see if it was dis-enchantable, and what it would yield.

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    I encourage caution using this, it's out there now. While it can be fixed it's incredibly easy to check who abused the system.

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    Sorry, No apologies!

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    There are already tons of exploiters who are abusing this using auto-it scripts and stuff... you should be able to get like 2500 strange dusts per hour but I don't recommend using this as it's clearly not intended^^

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    There have been a fair number of places where you can buy greens and DE them such as . We have gone into great depth to utilize that particular one as you can see in this thread - (
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