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    Pilgrim's Bounty

    I wanted to reply to this but couldnt. Anyway, in the blog it is recommended to gather up Talbuk Steaks, Roasted Clefthoof, or Warp Burgers...I couldn't agree more. I remember farming these last thanksgiving since there was none on AH and it was a PITA! I also remember needing to farm to level cooking, I guess I missed a step or two during the event.

    Having high level cooking is great for alts. I leveled my JC alt from 70 to 75 doing just the daily cooking (and JC) quest and it is a great way to get Kirin Tor rep. It also opens the door for using & .
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    If you are a mage you can make some nice gold during the first 2 days of Pilgrim's Bounty. Since people need to travel to all of the capital cities, stand near the tables outside of SW and offer portals for tips.

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    Ahdude, I suspect you didn't cook turkeys until they were gray. You can keep cooking turkeys until 325 to avoid the ravagers and get to the other recipes.

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    I say grab your skinner and go nuts in Nagrand. Post all remaining Chilled meats for the people that choose to go beyond 350.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerohour View Post
    I say grab your skinner and go nuts
    Forgive my immaturity, but teehehehee.

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    Bump, Pilgrim's Bounty starts TOMORROW!
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    Got half a Gbank tab of Chilled meat to start selling... Gonna post it before I go to bed so it's up when the event goes live
    Not all treasure is silver and gold but it can be sold for silver, gold, and a little copper.

    I Has Stuffs and you can too