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    October is Halloween!

    That's right folks. October is the month of Halloween! What does it mean? Spider Silk! You hear me right! WoW folks need those spider silk for decorating their flying mounts, bags, gear, spellthreads. Where can you find those spider silk? In the dusty corners of your guild bank, personal bank, alt backpacks, alt personal bank..anywhere you have stuff stashed away! Gather then up, sell them today, sell them when Deathwing pops his ugly face upon Azeroth, use them for your tailoring crafts.

    This message brought to you by your friendly storage organizer.

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    Crap, I use them in my robes of arcana for the warlock quest and always look for them on the ah.

    I occasionally find them cheap but most of the time they are about 10 gold on my realm.

    Back to arathi highlands I guess... sigh. Got a few toons I'm leveling there anyway.

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