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    Put that Toxic Wasteling to work!

    If you managed to pick up during the holiday, you should know, he is a fantastic critter killer! If your guild still doesn't have the armadillo, I suggest you bust him out, head to the IF side of the Deeprun Tram and let him eat rats. The spawn extremely fast here (much faster than he eats them).

    I've nuked about 10k critters for my alt guild by parking my DK there to AFK.

    If you did not manage to pick up this cute little blob of toxicity, never fear. Grab yourself some and head on over. The lightning zaps from the chops will kill even more than the oozeling (you will just have to reapply every 30 minutes).

    I'm not sure if Hordies can park safely in the Deeprun Tram. Anyone know? Anyone know of similar locations with constantly respawning critters for Horde?

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    Hey Cal,

    I love the Penguins in WotLK specifically in Howling and Borean, on the icebergs, feel bad nuking them though:

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    The best place I have found is where the snake boss was in ZG. Those snakes respawn quite quickly and two of us got the achievement for our guild in a weekend. One thing you should know, you should group with guildies for that... each of you get credit for the kill (unless they have changed it.) So when he and I were grouped we got 2 points per kill

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    That's awesome! I wonder if you can get 5x kills by having a full group.

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    You can. You can even do it with a raid, as I understand

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    Two confirmations on that they fixed the multiple kills when in group last patch.

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    Lil' Ragnaros sucks for this, kills one like every 5 minutes >.>

    Bloody waste of 10 bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeEagle View Post
    Two confirmations on that they fixed the multiple kills when in group last patch.
    I saw that last night before I got a chance to try it. Might still do an independent confirmation. All the same, I afk'd my way to another 1200 critters last night while earning points for simply sitting and watching TV with the wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
    Ironforge side of the Deeprun Tram
    critter killer! (armadillo)
    (Cue maniacal cackling...) >:-D

    +Rep given >;-)
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    It's a shame I didn't see this post earlier... going to try that this evening !



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