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    Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater makes a comeback

    #showtooltip item:70923
    /run if GetItemCount(70923) < 2 then BuyMerchantItem(8,1) else end
    /use item:10938
    /cast disenchant
    /use item:70923
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    Did a post where I mentioned this, my favorite part is that based on TUJ pricing that it will give you a whopping 121,854% return on your investment. How often do you get to say that? Unfortunately this item is restricted by time (and propensity to sell infinite stacks of Strange Dust), so alas I will not be becoming a WoW Billionaire any time soon. /sigh

    For a million gold you can purchase 500,000,000 of these bad boys. WTB more bag space, and an army of Disenchanting minions. In theory actually, for $5 a pop I could get account that'd be able to have a lvl 1 enchanter, and for $100 I could be disenchanting say 600 of these per minute. Winter Veil lasts till January 2, which would give me roughly enough time to disenchant 4,752,000 Averaging ~2.6 g per DE, that's about 12.4 million gold. Of course it would also be 6.17 million Strange Dust (308,500 stacks) and 1.4256 million Lesser Magic Essence (or 475,200 Greater) which is 71,280 stacks of lesser, 23,760 stacks of greater. So if you can come up with ~400,000 bag slots you can make 12 million gold off of 10k for $100. Of course that's if you can ever sell all that dust before WoW dies.
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    Yeah, key things to note would be to hold onto as much stock as you can until after Winter Veil is over and after the supplies have started to dry up.

    On a side note, I need to learn more about macros and addons and such. It took me like an hour to figure out why I couldn't get the stupid macro to only buy if I had less than 2. I originally had it just buy one then go through the usual DE stuff, but I found that I was having extra sweaters creep into my inventory. Anyway, after I realized I needed to tell the macro what to do if the 'if' condition was not met, then it was smooth sailing.

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    Wait a minute, wasn't this stuff supposed to be fixed last year (iirc)? Anyway, +rep for bringing it up! Also, the macro works fine in conjunction with CKS.
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    Don't cry about high prices. "Value is not driven by ease of acquisition. Value is driven by demand. If the market refuses to correct itself via competition, then that's just how it is." - Stede

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marahdeka View Post
    Wait a minute, wasn't this stuff supposed to be fixed last year (iirc)? Anyway, +rep for bringing it up! Also, the macro works fine in conjunction with CKS.
    CKS is the reason that I spent so much time figuring out how to put in a quantity check. I had originally gotten it to work where it would buy one and then go through the motions, but the sweaters would slowly multiply. After putting the check in place, everything is fine. If you put print("Already at 2 sweaters") between 'else' and 'end' you'll see just how often you'd have ended up with an extra sweater and why it frustrated me so.

    With regards to being fixed, I don't recall Blizzard doing anything about it. We all expected them to change something; higher vendor sell, no disenchant, unique; but that never happened.

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    I think they may be aware of this and chose to leave it in. A lot of new players take enchanting and with how this 'creative use of in game mechanics' about flat lines the market value of the entry level dust and essence, it makes things a little easier on all the newblets that get the game as a holiday gift.



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