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    No Discovery today? Scroll of Wisdom creation

    so I wake up log on my scribe, and make a Scroll of Wisdom and I blinked. No discovery was listed. I have been pretty good since launch, I did miss a few days, I do only have one scribe.

    But am I wrong? Is the discovery of new glyphs by creating scroll of wisdoms done for me? Is that it?

    I will let know you tomorrow after tomorrow's cool down...stay tuned!!!!

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    US-Gorefiend(A) US-Sargeras(A)
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    If you want to be sure (you have learned them all) get the addon called ackis recipe list. It will tell you if you have anymore to learn.

    To open it, there is a button on the top right hand corner on the profession window.

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    Ethereal Contributor
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    Hah, I had the exact same thing happen today on my scribe. What, no discovery?? Ackis confirmed, I've learned them all.

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    Same thing with me. Have 404 glyphs. That's how many there is supposed to be right?



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