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    Returning from 2-Year Absence -- Do I scrap my professions and start anew?


    First time poster (and just discovered this great site). So, I just started playing WoW again after a 2 year absence. (A lot has changed).

    When I stopped playing, my character's professions were Tailoring (414) and Engineering (384).

    Now that I've started back, I'm wondering if I should change my professions to something that'll allow me to make more gold. The reason I ask, is because it seems like things are quite expensive now. For example, when I went to go train "Master Riding," it was 5000 gold and will have to wait for that upgrade. (I only have about 900 gold from when I last played).

    So I was wondering whether I should switch professions to something more profitable. I feel like I'm "way behind" when it comes to making and having gold and I worry that with my two professions, that I'll not make any gold while leveling them or, worse, that they'll just be gold sinks, etc, and I won't be able to afford a lot of wonderful things. I'd prefer to not have to wait months to master riding

    Any advice, suggestions, tips would be great. Logging-in for the first time in years was quite a shock (mostly good) with how things changed. Hopefully you all can help me with what I feel right now is a steep "getting-up-to-speed" curve.

    If there's anything I can answer or provide that might further enlighten my question/concern, please let me know.


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    What level is your character currently? as i see your biggest mountain at the moment is simply getting gold to start you off. Scrapping your current professions and starting anew will be very expensive if you take two crafting professions or very time consuming if you take a gathering profession to gather the mats yourself.

    In your situation i would concentrate on getting to max level(ish) as you get plenty of gold thrown at you as you level, especially in high level content. You will then have a decent amount of starting gold to bump you along in any profession you choose to take.

    While leveling you can use your existing professions for a bit of extra gold as you can make bags with tailoring and pets/trinkets with engineering.e.g.

    Did you get a scroll of resurrection by any chance? as that will mean you can get an immediate level 80 which you can put an extra set of professions on.

    As Hando mentioned the sacred triangle is JC, enchanting and alchemy. If i had to pick two then i would choose JC and enchanting. If you can get a instant level 80 then i would look at putting them on that character so you can boost it up while still using your existing professions for some extra gold. (you may wish to prioritizing that second character then for the sake of getting them maxed out).
    Once you have that sorted you may wish to look at dumping tailoring or engineering for alchemy but that will depend on how well your sales are going with those professions.

    If you can't get the instant 80 i would level your current character to max level and see about swapping out one of your professions once you have a big chunk of gold to power level another profession.
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    Thanks, appreciate the response.

    To answer your questions: (1) My character is a level 79; (2) I did not get a scroll of resurrection.

    So basically what I should do then, is continue leveling my character's current professions all the way to max, build up a starting stack of gold with that, then consider changing professions after I max out those professions and make a starting stack?

    Thanks for the help.

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    With the extra information from your answer, personally i would start looking at the long term feasibility of making gold from each profession (Check your server prices and markets, don't just take other peoples word for it) while your leveling your character and selling stuff you can currently make (don't waste gold and effort on leveling a profession you may abandon soon*).

    Once you have decided what professions you want to end up with then you can start looking at what you need and how much it will cost to level those professions.

    If you decide to keep the professions you have then you can start leveling them up you get supplies/gold to buy supplies.
    If you decide to swap one or more for another profession then i would keep your current professions until you can power level up your new professions enough to make gold from them.
    Look out for cheap supplies and build up your stock before you delete your old profession and start to power level your new one.

    From past and current experience JC is a big gold sink and the mats are often very rare/expensive until you get to the latest content so i would probably look at swapping to enchanting first (as long as it will be profitable on your server) as the mats are reasonably easily to acquire and you can start selling enchants for a profit reasonably early in the leveling process (look at twink/heirloom enchants and again this depends on the prices and market on your server).

    If you decide to drop both your current professions i would personally go for JC after enchanting as they compliment each other greatly then level alchemy on an alt.

    If you only decide to swap one i would go enchanting then save JC + alchemy for an alt.

    Those suggestions are based on my personal experience so again i will stipulate that you should do some research for yourself on your own server before taking my advice as a given as markets and profitability differ greatly from one server to another.
    In fact you should consider that a cardinal rule of gold making. Just because someone says they can make a profit from it doesn't me you can as well...Always check for yourself before you commit.

    If you do decide on enchanting or if you haven't decided yet which to take i would keep as much DE-able stuff you gather that you can afford to store while leveling so you can DE it for mats once you get to the appropriate skill level (or if you decide against enchanting then sell it for extra gold of course).

    *Well enchanting may be worth leveling even if your going to drop it, if you are going for enchanting as you can keep the stuff you make to DE as well.
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    Welcome back, Morictan -

    There are so many factors impacting each server's economy that I usually don't make blanket statements, but I will make one in your case: Drop Engineering and pick up Enchanting. Engineering is very expensive to level and probably the worst of the current professions in terms of pure gold-making potential. Many of us here have every profession maxed EXCEPT Engineering for that reason - there are exceptions, but in your case I'd say you should just drop it.

    Enchanting complements tailoring nicely, and even though low-level enchanting scrolls typically don't sell well (with a few rare recipe exceptions), you should be able to sell any Enchanting mats you don't use for your own leveling needs.

    I don't know how much time/interest you have for gaming, but the changes to quest chains and the entire leveling experience since Cataclysm are just amazing. So if you have any interest at all in storyline, lore, or just seeing the quests, I'd recommend leveling a character from scratch. If you aren't in a guild, try to get into a leveling guild (a high-level guild that has an open invitation policy). They're pretty easy to find, and you will be provided with some perks that will help you level like increased experience gain, increased movement speed, etc.

    Alternatively, take your current character through the lower-level quest chains - you'll have fun, see new content, and pick up enchanting mats along the way. Have fun, and good luck to you!

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    Welcome back! It really depends what you want to do with your character. In the short term, I would suggest sticking with tailoring through the Cataclysm content. You could easily sit in deepholm for a couple levels and just farm embersilk cloth, turn it into bags, and make a small fortune that way. If this is going to be the only high level character you play for a good while, then I would also suggest looking at some of the different things each profession can do for you at max level and pick the ones that sound the most fun/beneficial. It was mentioned above that jewelcrafting is likely the most profitable profession, but I disagree that it is a gold sink to level. If you have any low or medium level alts with enchanting or mining it is very easy to do at very low cost. If not, then most of the materials you need are easily available on the AH for cheap with the exception of a few choke points where materials become scarce. Remember that it may be a lot cheaper to prospect a stack of ore than buy gems individually. Sometimes you see stacks of lower ores for a couple gold and the gems that come out of them for 10+ each.

    You can try flipping recipes and items on the AH to make money but be warned that it may take a long time to see some returns.

    If you are in a guild, or have a friend playing with you who has max level professions, you could ask him to process some materials for you to turn a quick profit. Buying 700g worth of Ghost Iron Ore and having him smelt it into bars to resell on the AH may instantly increase your bankroll by 33%, depending on the cost of the ore and selling point of the bars.

    The best advice I can give is to find the professions you think you will enjoy the most and then find out how to make them profitable. There are ways for all of them to make returns, though some are much more lucrative than others. Some will require you to be at level cap and farming rep to really make big bucks, while others have really profitable points well before level/skill cap. If you chose to completly ignore them for now, you can just quest to 90 and you will have probably 5-10k in gold just from quest gold and vendoring reward gear. If you want to do professions now while you level, then use a guide (like for example) [--I hope that is ok to say here] so that you aren't wasting gold while you skillup.

    Good luck
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    Whew, a lot to go through here

    I do have a level 48 Alt that has skinning and mining, so perhaps I drop engineering for JC and have my alt provide the ore.

    Thanks everyone for the great responses. I'll have to do some thinking.



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