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    The new power level

    In the past, when I have power leveled professions, I have done it in a few different ways. For jewelcrafting and inscription, before the release of BC and WotLK, I collected mats over a period of a couple weeks to a month and had everything ready to level when it was time. I have done it piecemeal over a period of time, only buying the next bunch of mats when they were cheap or even going out and *gasp* farming what I needed. Finally, I have taken the approach of buying whatever I could to level as fast as I could. All three of these techniques have been used in conjunction with power leveling guides like the ones at WoW Professions.

    The problems with these methods is that they do not strike a good balance between time/effort and cost. The first two take too much time and effort and the third just buys without enough regard for price. Last night, I decided to try a new way.

    I can hear you now, "New way? What's this about a new way?" Well, let's start with the set up. You're going to need some add-ons. You probably already have some of them.

    Auctioneer - This is important even though I wasn't using much Auctioneer specific functionality.
    Auctionlite - This allows much quicker bulk buying of mats. It's not strictly necessary, but it will make things easier for you.
    Postal - Or any mail mod that pulls everything from your mail box at once.
    LilSparky's Workshop - This is the pièce de résistance that make this possible.

    I started with an auction scan. Next I took a quick look the available recipes on the AH and bought all the cheap ones so I could learn them along the way. I took a deep breath, dropped mining, hit the alchemy trainer and I'm at level one. I bought a bunch of vials and returned to the AH. After this, the process was very simple.

    1) Open my alchemy tab.
    2) Compare the cost vs sell information provided by LilSparky's Workshop to find the orange or yellow pattern with the best margins.
    3) Buy the mats, create the items, return to trainer.
    4) Back to step 1.

    The real beauty of this is that every time I would buy mats with Auctionlite, Auctioneer would automatically scan in the prices of the mats that remained on the AH. As a result, it would always have the up to the minute price. In turn, since LilSparky's Workshop uses that data, it was also up to the minute, even though I had just effectively increased the current costs. So, after buying up Plaguebloom for Elixir of the Sages from 270-285, I could see that the next batch of Plaguebloom was going to push the cost much higher and therefore it was going to be more economical to make Greater Stoneshield Potions.

    In addition, while my costs were higher in some stretches, I was making items that sold for considerably more (likely to twinks) that I wouldn't have known about without a considerable amount of time spent.

    The best part, however, is that I went from 1 to 383 in about two hours, while mostly watching TV. I was disappointed not to get to my first gem transmute last night. However, it will take me only about 20 minutes to finish at this point since it's so easy to get Northrend herbs.

    I think that this technique could also easily extend to tailoring (which I intend to try soon) and inscription. The other professions could be more of a challenge with mats that are a bit harder to acquire. There is a very good chance of hitting a bottleneck in the 250-300 range for any profession, however.

    Happy power leveling!

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    I probably could have finished this in 20 minutes, however, once I hit [spell]Transmute: Titanium[/spell], I went to complete [quest]Master of Transmutation[/quest] first. All told, it's working out well so far. Instead of a miner I don't use, I've got an extra gem transmute each day. And, the RNG gods are happy with the choice because I got five gems out of a single transmute last night.

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    Iam in the process of Duel Boxing two new toons up just so I can have some extra transmute specialist, just buying up cheap mats every day whilst i level and also stocking up a few for Cata but will give this a try when iam ready,


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    We can call this "Dynamic Power Leveling" or just "Ad-hoc". Save for the Lil' Sparky, this is pretty much how I power level most of the time. I will have to try this add-on. Good advice though!



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