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    Royal Scribe's Satchel ? Or wait for the MoP scribe there one? I got think...I got this 85 disc priest I have to eventually start leveling because that's my leatherworker and 4th alchemist.
    But its really my only alliance toon, all my stuff is horde.
    So its kinda hard to keep that one toon in the daily rotation because its all alone in ally land.

    So here is my question:
    Do I go back to Cata and run my fireland daily's to get the recipe for

    No one sells this on azshara server, I could make a killing...but I hate daily's. Just got one exalted tiller and two revered tillers.

    Do you think there will be an easier MoP scribe bag? Is there one already released?
    Sorry , Leatherworking on my server takes a big back seat to all my other professions right now.

    Is there something I should be doing to get that recipe faster? Any tips would be much appreciated.
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    I spent a couple weeks grinding my firelands rep just for that recipe and it was a HUGE PAIN. And then I go to post my very first bag and find that one of my main competitors prices them right at opportunity cost. (Hi Sunnygoblin!). So that was a long arduous process for no profit. But at least I can make bags for myself if I need them.

    And so far, I have not found any way to speed up the process. It is long and annoying. I recommend doing Forlorn Spire dailies instead of the other option, when you reach that point in the quest progression. They seem to be a bit faster.

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    @aprilmyriad did you make a lot of sales with the bag in MoP ? I don't see an MoP scribe bag.

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    On my server, I hardly sold any (if any) of these bags. For what it's worth I found that the mining and leatherworking bags sold consistently each week, with the herb bags selling a little less frequently.

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    Blizzard is being slow with bag upgrades in this expansion, and traditionally they have been slowest to increase the size of scribe bags.

    I sympathize with hating dailies, but I am going to venture a guess here that you will need to choose between which dailies you may hate the least. The only bag upgrade available so far in MOP (as you probably know) is the general use 28-slot bag which is walled behind tiers of required rep (Golden Lotus to revered first, then August Celestials to exalted. Yuck). So I am going to speculate that IF Blizzard releases a scribe bag update (and there is no hint either way about this), it will also be associated with dailies.

    As horrid as the Molten Front dailies are, I doubt they'll be any worse than dailies you'd be required to complete for future new patterns.

    The Satchel pattern is available now, and the mats for it have gone way down in price. There's no hint of a larger scribe container coming in future. So it's a judgment call you'll have to make based on your own server. Even the lower level (general LW pattern) inscription bags sell well on my server...I suspect I'd be able to sell the Royal version for quite a bit. I'm just not convinced it's worth the pain when there are so many other markets I can be spending time in rather than grinding old Cata dailies.



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