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    I'm having serious issues making gold in MoP. This is what I'm doing so far.

    After making a measly 3k yesterday, I've realized that I need help.
    Usually I'll be at around 10k revenue a day, which simply isn't good enough, considering goldmaking is basically the only thing I do in wow.

    This is what I have:
    1 JC
    2 Enchanters
    3 Alchemists (1 flask specced)
    1 LW (not 600 yet)
    2 Scribes
    2 Tailors

    This is what I do:
    * When elementium ore is cheap, I buy it all. I make bags, sell the celestial essences from de'ing and sell the blue qual. jewelry. This is probably one of my best goldmaking schemes.
    * Do all my prof cooldowns, and sell Belt Buckles, tailoring leg enchants, and the bracer enchants. Sometimes the bracer enchants go for 3k gold, which is pretty awesome considering sha crystals are around 450 on my server.
    *Buy/farm ghost iron and prospect it. (this is also where I get my enchanting mats from). I sell gems, but never make meta gems, considering I'm lucky if I get 300 for the higest priced one on my server. I DE the green jewelry and sell the blue procs.
    *I don't sell enchanting scrolls, since I'm having truble even keeping up with making my sha crystals every day.
    * I buy/farm herbs and mill it all. I do the inscription dailys and keep them for DM. I make epic shoulder enchants, and sped a lot of time making the secret ones and vendor them.
    *I've started again doing pvp gear, but not as much as I probably should
    * I was making flasks, but tbh now I just sell the lotus. It's faster, less hassle, and half the time the lotus cost more than the flasks (I know some will say "buy the flasks" but no. The amount of flasks I woul have to sell would bankrupt me. I would buy 200 flasks and reset the price, only to have someone put up another 65 at the same price. The massive undercutting never stops on my server).

    In general the prices on my server are extremly low. For example, right now the shoulder enchants are around 70-200g, but usually they're around 30-70g.
    I don't like to flip or transmog, mainly because my server used to be the biggest AH on EU, and so the markeds all have a lot of regulars.

    In general my biggest issue seems to be time. I feel like I play a lot, but I still don't feel like I have enough time to do enchanting scrolls, smelt iron to do pvp proffs
    Another problem, which I touched a bit on earlier, is that my server is infected with bots. so much that it's impossible to keep prices of goods at a reasonable price.

    Any advise?
    Anything I'm missing?

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    First of 3k a day is not bad to me. MoP people are still leveling, and the farming takes people out of the gearing up and needing gems, enchants, and glyphs, cause they just play farmville on wow, they don't need the auction house.

    For me you are missing a blacksmith, but that is hard to catch up now.
    Have you look cross faction? I have made a lot of good taking botted mats, crafting them and putting them up cross faction?
    What server are you on?
    Scrolls of Wisdom really ensure a daily profit depending on what you make.
    Having a farmer with mote of harmony to farm is nice now.

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    Sounds like you just need to sit down and evaluate what kind of ROI you're getting for your time. Cut out the stuff that takes a lot of time for little profit.

    My #1 biggest cash cow this expansion has been BS PvP gear. You can AFK smelt the bars (I put as much ore as I can in my bags, hit smelt and then go to bed) and from there its just doing a 1 min crafting cycle each day for what sold the previous day. I do this with LW and Tailoring too, but the profits aren't as high.

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    I have this one problem with that.
    I'll smelt like 1k and go afk, but for some reason my char stops randomly. ALL the time.
    I'll come back, and it will have smelted 100 bars in 30 mins, and now it's just sitting there.

    Thanks for the replies btw.

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    Are you minimizing your window? I play windowed mode and if i minimize i sometimes have problems, if i just click another window though no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bankhack View Post
    I have this one problem with that.
    I'll smelt like 1k and go afk, but for some reason my char stops randomly. ALL the time.
    I'll come back, and it will have smelted 100 bars in 30 mins, and now it's just sitting there.

    Thanks for the replies btw.
    Smelt 999 each time and you will be okay. Notice how when you tell it to do more than 999, it only keeps the first 3 numbers in the window, so for 1100 for example, it does 110 and stops. This at least has been the case for me, and it's the only workaround I've figured out. If anyone else shares a better one, they will get +2500 rep with the Spanky faction.

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    You have to do your farm its basicly free gold , motes of harmony on crafters and enigma seeds on everyone else. I only have 3 90's and im raking it in.



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