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    Prismatic Scales

    I have 3 level 90's now with one being an engineer that isn't useing all of the Spirit of Harmony i'm able to harvest from his farm. So, I started buying Prismatic scales x20 for one SOH and sending them to my leather worker who in turn makes PVP gear which sells for 250-450 apiece. Anyone else doing this as a way to utilize SOH from one of your not so crafty profession toons?

    P.S. My third level 90 is now honored and will soon be exalted with Tillers also. For a casual goblin like myself farming is a fantastic and easy way to make some gold.

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    I don't know what prices are like on your realm but on mine 20 Pristmatic Scale costs no more than around 80 gold. That would be an incredibly cheap valuation of an SoH. Have you not tried crafting the scope? ilvl 450 gun? Either of the mounts?

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    I have thought about it. But I tend to buy any scales under 140g a stack. Iron Paw tokens might be worth it, depending on the prices for your realm.

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    Cost of scales is obviously one consideration but mostly it is supply that is the problem. I have a hard time ever finding any quantities for sale at a given time.

    As far as engineering items they are just plentiful and cheap compared to the chainmail PVP gear on my realm but it can change all the time as we know.

    Thank you for the feedback and you're right I need to keep a closer eye on the AH for these mats to better utilize the SoH.

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    Yep, you're right about the supply issue. One week I was buying so many scales I wasn't sure if I would go through them. Then a few contender scale and dragonscale full set sales later...I ran out of scales and all the AH had to offer was grossly overpriced scales. I was running on fumes for 2 weeks. So my suggestion, as obvious as it might sound, is when they are available stock up!!! If you think you have enough, keep buying. It also helps prevent others from competing against you by maintaining the prices of scales high for them, when you always buy out everything you can under your threshold.



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