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    With only one character, what would be the most profitable profession combination?

    First post by me! Been a lurker for a bit, finally decided to join the community! I now have a question though;

    As the title says, with only a single character, what would be the most profitable/perfect profession combination? From reading around these forums and gold making blogs, it would seem to be jewelcrafting and either alchemy or enchanting to compliment it.

    I've unfortunately already jumped the gun a bit and leveled my jewelcrafting to zen master, so I can't change my mind on that. But as a 2nd profession, to compliment the jewelcrafting, what would be better? Alchemy, enchanting, or even something else?

    Thoughts on this?

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    It varies by server, but I would likely choose a transmute-spec Alchemist. It's worth it alone for creating Primal Diamonds and rare gems to fill in low spots, plus you get the chance of extra Living Steel each day. Depending on your mat prices you may also be able to move into flasks, MoP potions, Treasure Finding potions and Potions of Illusion.

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    Enchanting. Right now, when you need transmute master, you can always ask nicely friends, people from your guild or trade chat to craft some stuff for you. In case of enchanting it could be hard to ask: disenchant this 1300 items for me mate ;P

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    The way i see it you have 3 roads ahead.
    Alchemy (xmute master) Road: The alchemy road is in my opinion the best road you can take, the alchemy daily cd is always profit, Primal diamond market is fairly good. With Alchemy you can also xmute from the extra greens you are getting since you cant make into necks and disenchant ull prbbly end up with a lot of stuff to vendor or instead of making rings, buy golden lotus and convert the green, purple and orange into rares to make to primals (if the price is better than the rares themselves). Also if the JC part of this road gets bumby you can always make money of trillium xmutes. This is not the most profitable but it is very volatile since once on this road you can take many more roads, even some simultaneously.
    Enchanting Road: The enchanting road is not so much a road but a bridge. This bridge is being held by JC. currently the gem market is dry because there were no raids in 5.1 but once 5.2 comes out it will be a whole different ball game. Therefore JC wont be so profitable unless u can get ore really cheap, if u cant get ore then ur not getting to disenchant rings/necks and enchanting just sits there collecting dust. But if the gem market improves then these two will work great. This road is a homerun or strikeout road either u make it across in comfort or you loose.
    Mining Road: This is the longest road to your destination, it oftens feels like the same thing everyday because the landscape never changes. Mining is the most profitable of the 3 you can choose because all u will get is profit. Since you arent paying for the ore you can only profit out of JC but it will require time. As a farmer you will prbbly meet up with many ppl if they are on you're faction you could try and a convince him to farm and always send it to you for cheap, and you can stop farming you're self
    Over all good luck with whichever one you pick

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    You'll probably not like this anwser, but I've been in a similair situation, a month before MoP I only had two characters that were 80 or higher (so 4 max level professions) and it was quite annoying to say the least, I had very limited access to markets and I just lacked the Cooldowns to supply my crafters with.

    For this reason I decided to get another 8 level 80s. Because levelling felt really boring and really slow I decided to do this in combination with RAF and a 5 box (alot of level grants), this allowed me to a level 80 on my main account each 8 hours and I had my account filled up in a week.
    With the current deals on Battle Chests I would suggest doing this too, if you want to play the AH seriously with professions.

    After this levelling which takes like 80 hours total (which you should be able to finish in 2-4 weeks) you should only have to get 2 extra level 90s (You need these for the reputation grinds) and you are good to go, this should take another 60 hours.

    There is just no way you can survive with one character capable of max level professions.

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    Yeah, unfortunately Mithrildar, not an option I'd like to take. Simply do not find the enjoyment in playing more than one character, and I do realise that in order to make some good profit, you need more than 2 professions. I was just trying to see what was the most I could get out of two. Although I will keep what you said in mind, thank you!

    And as for Jewelcrafting and Enchanting/Alchemy, from reading the replies, seems like both routes are profitable routes! I am not familiar with Alchemy, could anyone help to describe to me the process/routine you go through to make gold? I understand the JC/Enchanting one goes something like

    1) prospect ore
    2) sell blue gems
    3) green gems to jewelry
    4) sell blue jewelry
    5) disenchant green jewelry
    6) sell disenchanted mats

    whilst saving some gems for other things.
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    First off hold some of your red gems for patch 5.2 and my rotation in alchemy is:
    Prospect Ore
    JC CD(go for red blue and yellow)
    Green, Purple and Orange (uncommon and rare) mail to alchmy(i guess u dont have to mail...)
    Rare Gems to Rare Rings and Necks ilvl 450
    Sunstone plus Sparkling things are used for Widow Chain, Garnets are used for Golembreaker, extras are cut and sold, procs are kept
    Lapis Lazuli is used for the engineer scope, try to find an Engineer and see if price is worth it.
    Switch to alchemy(void)
    Alchemy Living Steel CD (check price of bars -> to trillium and see if its worth it, if it is post trillium in stacks of 6 and in stacks of 1
    Alchemy uses golden lotus plus uncommons to convert to rares and makes all into metas,
    JC cuts metas
    Sell metas
    Smile and wait till next cancel/posting cycle
    *Edit: this is why i prefer alchemy because there are more paths you can take, the gem market, gear market and xmute market
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    Thank you for the tip on the red gems... what exactly is happening again in the patch which will make it useful to hold onto them? Also, thank you as well for the insight in using alchemy with JC... i will look into this

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    In Cata red gems were so valuable because they were 'the' gems for dps but also because blizz released a lot of content fast, therefore people never really got to dumping that many infernos on the AH before the demand for them came from raiding. i think i made around 75k+ off brilliant infernos alone. This time blizz held back and the primordial rubies on many servers have started to go down because the raiders have no new content. When patch 5.2 comes out blizz says they have a Massive raid in stock so expect many people to be buying gems to gear their new gear, remember to try and stock all gems if you can because panda gems (hybrids: green, orange and purple) have increased stats so you can expect large sales in this area as well.

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    Ah okay, thanks for the tip. I will keep a nice amount of gems (mostly red) to stock the AH when 5.2 hits. Now when the patch hits, do I want to be cutting the gems or selling the raw? What do you think?



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