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    Back to WoW after a year way getting back into making glyphs?

    Hey everyone! I'm back to playing WoW after a year hiatus....Things have changed dramatically.

    I'm wondering the best way to get back into Inscription to make some money. MoP herbs are pretty expensive, still, on my server. So creating MoP inks and using the ink trader to get what is needed to make glyphs doesn't seem the right play.

    Was wondering what folks do to create their glyphs and what other Insciption items can be made to make money. It seems with Scroll of Wisdom, making DMF cards to sell just takes a while (effectively 1 per day)....thoughts?

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    Severeal things came to my mind when reading your post.

    First of all, my experience with glyphs is, that this market needs to be babysitted all the time, at least on my server. And it has a low GPH compared to other markets. Your post indicates, that it may be similiar on your realm.

    So u've got different options: Leave the glyph market and wait til herb prices calm down. Or stay and buy all the other bc, wrath, cata herbs and mill them and make them to inks and to glyphs and so on...

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    Glyphs are very server dependent.
    I am on a tiny server so I just post and never cancel.
    I can't be bothered with cancelling or else that is all I would do.
    I think I made a lot more gold in Cata than MoP.
    Living steel belt buckles are selling.
    Some cut gems.
    but I find MoP very dead.

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    My server is flooded too, but I make about 1k a day by overcutting ridiculously high. I cheap buy stacks of anything that is 10g or less
    Busy seller on four bank alts
    200k - Nov 2012
    500k - Dec 2012
    1m - Jan 2012

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    It would be such a nice and convenient business ... but too many goblins. I hate it

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    I've made more gold from glyphs than any other profession, but the vast majority of that gold was between the time they first added inscription up through the end of Cataclysm. These days, it's an awful market full of undercutters and few customers. If you happen to be playing on a realm with five or less competitors, you can make a few thousand a day, if there are ten or more, you're hosed and forced to undercut far more often than is remotely fun. I can't burn through my remaining stock fast enough and have no plans to continue with it unless I find that my realm's competitors dry up for whatever reason. It's too much work for too little gold...the ore shuffle is far less work for a far smaller inventory of items to sell at a much higher profit per item.



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