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    150 Living Steel... what to do?

    So I've been using my Living Steel CDs daily (mostly) on 2 toons for the past few weeks (guild mates with extra CDs burned through some excess trillium bas I had too). As of right now, I'm sitting on 150 living steel bars.

    I've been slowly leveling my blacksmith (he's my 4th to 90) and hope to be finished by the end of the holidays. I'm debating burning through some of the LS when I pick up the patterns - or should I hold on to them for a future patch and cash in?


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    Honestly you should dip in and out of the market. Just do DW from 89-90 on your BS, you'll have access to the Living Steel Belt Buckle by the time you ding. This is a high turn and good profit item. I normally sell through whatever I post daily so I have to watch my own undercutting on them.

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    With the upcoming lightning forge in 5.2, there's a chance the value will go up.

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    I usually make the belt buckles, but watch out for weapon chains too. Every Tuesday, the demand skyrockets, and once the market empties of all the cheap ones, I post for about 1k+ and all of them sell
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    My most profitable use of the bars is the jewelcrafting panther mounts, but they sell very slowly. My fastest profit is from the belt buckles, it's easy to sell a bunch of those every day.

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    @sinystra Two questions immediately come to mind
    1) Why 4 blacksmiths
    2) Living steel when you have 20 why did you not think that was enough, was ghost iron so cheap that nothing else could be done with the shuffle?

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    1) 4th character to ding 90, not 4x bs/
    2) Make something, then think what to do with it. Had you this same situation before? Also shuffle = TIME consumed, Living Steel is way faster (Less time required) method to use this ores.

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    Yea I don't get why you wouldn't use the living steel transmute every day. Ore is effectively infinite if you have good farmers on your realm since you can only shuffle so much, but the transmute is only once a day. I stacked up about 80 bars between two alchies before I started selling belt buckles...not sure why I wouldn't have done it. The effective profit on ore --> bar --> living steel --> belt buckle is about 300g to 600g assuming 40g per ore stack and a belt buckle price range of 500g to 800g. They still sell at 1000g and up, but I can't seem get my realm's deep undercutters to realize that.

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    Your in a fortunate position where u can't lose with living steel. You have some options to make some nice gold. As EnigmaticClarity suggested u can make belt buckles for regular cash flow and mounts for high profit but slower sales. You also have the advantage if you can combine it with some spirit of harmony farming of having your blacksmith ready for the lightning forge which apparently is going to be able to make raid ready weapons. Weapons sell fantastic at the ah specially as most folk have at best a lfr sword of axe that will be a good few item levels below the one you can craft.

    So its up to you make some gold now or mix both and save some bars / spirits for the lighting forge.

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    OTOH, if ore is 50g/stack and buckles are selling for 360g, you're better off transmuting Essence of Water to Essence of Air and forgetting about Living Steel.



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