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    Too many profession holes, need help filling/moving them around.

    Hey guys, so I've been reading these forums for a while now and mostly been doing fine. I recently did RAF with my bro and decided to get every class up to 80. I also had quite a few 80+s from before so needless to say, I have tons of places to have my profs. I also recovered a really old wow account with a couple old 85s. Now my problem is I have all these characters and some professions but I can't really tell which is worth and where to have them since I use them differently and all the really good recipes are locked behind reps. Here's the list with the "activity" you could say.

    Horde - Acc 1
    Warrior - cooking/fishing Inscription 600/Enchanting 600. Main toon, raider/pvp. 90
    Hunter - Transmute alchemist 600/Jewelcrafting 600. Has no reps, is relatively geared however. Almost never used. 90
    Warlock - Jewelcrafting 600/blank. Is cloud serpent revered and that's it. Sometimes used (towards end of the week, just LFR) 90
    Death Knight - Blacksmithing 600/Mining 420. Has no reps, however I farm spirits on him sometime so I have slow but steady access to either pvp recipes/496 crafts. Never used except for farming. 90
    Paladin - blank/blank. Currently leveled, so have like 5 spirits of harmony on him. Probs going to be main alt. 88.
    Rogue - blank/blank. Auctioneer guy, nothing special about him. 83.
    Priest/Druid/Monk/Mage - Blank/Blank. These are fresh 80s I just leveled with my bro. Don't know which will get leveled next, most likely druid.

    Horde - Acc 2 (Has no MOP, used trial to level some proffesions. Only has 1 month left on it, might not resub.)
    Warrior - Enchanting 525/Inscription 540. Used to be main, now can't really use. Has many rare recipes on his enchanting. 85.
    Hunter - Jewelcrafting 600/Alchemy (Elixir mastery) 600. Never used. 85.
    Rogue - Engineering 350/ Blank. Never used
    Druid - Tailoring 577/Herbalism 540. Leveled tailoring up before I realized you had to be IN pandaria to use CD. And his tailoring won't even show up on my TSM. Never used. 85.

    Alliance - Acc 1
    Shaman - Alchemy 525/Blank. Never used, only alliance on server. 85

    Alliance - acc 2
    Mage - Jewelcrafting 525/Engineering 525. Old alt, nothing special. 85

    I still have to level tailoring and leatherworking and possibly a second blacksmith but they would have to be on toons that have easy access to spirits of harmony. My main has around 15 spirits that I can't even use because neither enchanting or inscription use it for anything useful. I could make fans but they are so cheap and they also require scrolls which I do actually use. Any help would be appreciated, I have around 60k right now and just crafted the BOE 496 pally healer gloves so gonna test out that market. Looking to level 1-2 profs and then dedicate these holidays to gold making with 100k being the goal by January.

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    You have the opportunity to make a massive production line with these characters and be like yours truly.

    Here's the lineup I use:
    1 x Blacksmith
    1 x Tailor
    1 x Scribe
    1 x Jewelcrafter
    2 x Leatherworker
    4 x Enchanter
    6 x Alchemist
    2 x Engineer

    You will need the ability to easily farm SoH among the BS and LW. Leatherworking is one of the most desired professions simply for the leg enchants making it a consistent money maker. Blacksmithing, same deal. I used my SoH to craft epics since the most important classes in the game require them to tank, dps, or heal.

    Get all of the recipes, I completed this finally. I am capable of constantly offering everything in the game on the AH and it's all profitable here. Check your server for variance.

    Tailors are important because the CD is so ridiculously easy, camp V4W and make a cloth daily. Grind GL to make the epics and leg enchants. I clean up with this.

    Engineering - Scopes are really good sellers, although they vary in price. Set appropriate thresholds and buy out when appropriate. People with Engineers tend to be rather lazy since they also PvP on the character (Yeah, I said it, those that PvP are usually lazy, lazy, lazy and among the laziest in the game when it comes to actually farming the SoH to make them). You also have pets.

    Alchs and Enchanters should go without saying. I like being able to make high value items every day.

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    What would you think of me putting LW AND BS on the same toon and it being the pally? Its probably going to tank PvE and Holy PvP so I'll use it quite a bit and most certainly kill many things. I'm thinking of putting tailoring on my lock since I use it sometimes which would give me some extra spirits for more cloth but wouldn't require me to play as much. And finally the other vacant slots fill them with alchemists pretty much. I don't want to level any more enchanters though, Its incredibly expensive and the sha crystal is only about 100g profit per day. I also would almost never play the toons so wouldn't get to DE much. Thanks for the imput though, I'll get right on that. Thinking of maybe buying MOP for the second account instead and save myself some gold in the long run lol.

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    what server are you on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justbuyit View Post
    What would you think of me putting LW AND BS on the same toon and it being the pally?
    I would caution against putting two crafters on the same character. The reason is because you are going to want to exploit their crafting ability. Blacksmithing is no longer just "make buckles and rods", as to make it worth your time you will want to also offer Masterwork and Contender gear, as well as craft BOE epics. Leatherworking has the leg enchants and Contender gear (a massive amount of it) as well as the BOE epics. The easiest way to collect Spirits to assist in this process is via Tillers Exalted which we all know gives you 1.6 SOH per day, roughly 11 per week for spending 5 minutes per day planting. If you tie up the two professions on one character, your crafting options are more limited unless you actually want to go farm the motes yourself. This can be a real time sink and will reduce your efficiency.

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    Well there's very few characters I actually play so the SoH will only be available on 3-4 toons MAX, most likely 3. I have no Tillier's farm, never really bothered with it. Honestly, hated farmville and really disliked what I did do for my farm. I'm on the server Ragnaros-US Horde.



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