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    Cataclysm What to do with Cata herbs

    Hey guys,

    I have a big stock of old cata herbs, as well as a bunch of blackfallow and lower inks. How are you guys using these to make a profit? I'm assuming old darkmoon cards wont sell, and glyph market is super saturated. I guess I could sell the herbs raw? I have all professions maxed. Thanks for the help!

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    Mysterious Fortune cards and cookies can't hurt...
    I honestly could not believe that MoP glyphs would not use Cata herbs...what a waste.

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    How are the prices for raw herbs? if they are nice and you decide to sell, go for it.
    An alternative is to make Mysterious fortune cards. i don't know if they still sell though, haven't tried.

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    Honestly, IMO inscription isn't the best use for most cata herbs. I would make the potions like deepholm, treasure finding and illusion. I tried the cards route when someone posted a ton of blackfallow ink for 1g/ea. I flipped about a stack @ 5g/ea. My realm is low pop tho. I actually flipped the other 2.5 stacks and made more than 5g/card. lol I had good luck with the proc rates on that set.

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    ^ beat me to the punch. Was about to say sell for 100-200g a pop.

    Or better yet, pop it yourself on a tailor and go farm troggs.

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    I have only a few inks left, I am using these for the daily quest.
    Usually that gives me 30g = about 29 profit
    And some glyphs use the ink, but as soon as I am out of ink I will only get it from the trader if needed...



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