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Thread: MOP Fishing?

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    MOP Fishing?

    Anyone dabbling in the fish markets lately? I plan on maxing my fishing skill this weekend and was looking for any insight that may make this boring task profitable. I did a quick check and was very surprised by the price and volume of what was moving on my server. 18g for one golden carp, really? This far into the expansion? Have any of you made a legitimate venture into fishing?

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    I do a bit of fishing on the side. Prices seem to go up and down but most MOP fish seem to go for between 10-25g each. Just keep a eye open to see whats selling and its a nice little extra income for very little work.

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    Take a look at what some of the different fish are used for most often. The golden carp are used for turn-ins with a daily faction so they might be a little more expensive than some other fish. Pretty much all the fish in pandaria are used in levelling cooking, but some are used for more recipes or better feasts than others. Concentrate on those and you will probably make a bit more.

    You could also advertise to fish for a guild or raid leader to supply them with feast materials. It might guarantee you a quick and steady buyer.

    Set up a shopping list on TSM to scan for all the fish and meat at once so you can get an overview of what is selling for what prices. 18g per fish seems insane on my server. I think they are regularly more like 4g, which is still a pretty decent deal.

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    All fish seem to fluctuate day to day on my server, one might be the most expensive one day then cheapest the next. I know when I was buying for Master of the Ways that Jade Lungfish was always the most expensive but lately it's been Krasarang Paddlefish. Both are used quite a bit in the daily turn-ins for Tillers best friends so I would concentrate on those two if I was fishing for profit on my server.

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    I recently cleaned out two bags worth of vegetables and fish I accumulated while leveling and raising my Tillers and Angler's rep, and every single stack of everything I listed sold within 12 hours. As someone suggested, I presume it's all selling to other people trying to get their Tillers rep up...not sure why else people would buy that stuff. I'm quite shocked it all sells so well.

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    I made some gold taking fish -> IronPaw shuffle -> 100 year soy sauce..but my server really is not big enough for a food demand.

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    Holy crud, I just listed the last of my fish n' groceries a few hours ago, and I just checked and it ALL sold already--about fifteen auctions in a few hours. There must be more than just Tiller rep grinders and banquet makers buying this stuff--it appears to sell faster than gems and enchants do.

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    I have been trickling mine out by re listing once per day. I saw a similar demand, but it seems to be quite sporadic. I have been doing well selling stacks of 3 with 4g/18g thresholds per item. Some fish will crash for days at a time, others will meander between 12-15. I use a similar process for other small time items like arcane crystals and miscellaneous eternals / primals. It is still an experiment, not sure if it's worth the time yet. I will report back.

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    I haven't fished yet in MoP but I assume you still get +skills from any fish you catch?

    If the prices for MoP fish are low you can always head over to the Barrens, near the wailing caverns entrance, and get some [Deviate Fish], turn them into [Savory Deviate Delight] (the recipe is pretty cheap nowadays). If there's little competition you can sell these at 15-20g each.

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    You lost me when you called it "boring". It's the best profession in the game, so if you don't like it I can't impart my wisdom because it will be regarded as way too boring.

    Edit: I have 6 90s at 600 fishing. It's extremely profitable provided you are after the correct things.
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