Hello, with the help of this site I have recently been able to come out of the extremely poor range, after mining for a looooong time I earned about 10k, which gave me enough money to drop mining and level up JC. After that, I managed to slowly climb my way up to 30k where I am now ( even after buying a 11k darkmoon trinket ) but that was based on the off chance that on one day I got the opportunity to play WoW for about 10 hours and basically camp the auction house and immediately repost undercuts. I made about 20k gold in 2 days. However, the main reason why I was able to make such a profit is that, for some reason, random flasks would cost lets say ~90 gold to make, and the price where I could sell one on that particular day would be ~130. This is an extremely rare occurrence on my server, and since it hasn't really happened since, my gold making is slowing down. JC in that time netted me a good sum of money from mostly just prospecting and selling perfect cuts, but its hard to move huge volumes of items due to vicious undercuts in the JC market.

My following gold strategy is,

1. Sell 450 blues that net ~150 profit or more to make, list two per each item ( these sell eventually, sometimes the price drops by 100 before they sell due to undercuts)

2. If I Can buy some cheap kyparite or Ghost Iron Ore, buy it, prospect it, sell what I prospect. ( Most of the sales are raw gems and perfect cuts )

3. Check to see if I can sell a flask for about 20 more gold than I can make it


Now the problem is, its impossible to make a huge amount of money with 450 blues because you can't sell them in huge quantities. For number 2, the prospect value of kyparite or Ghost Iron Ore, is usually double than what I can buy them for, but I am scared to purchase a hugeeee ammount of kyparite or ghost iron in fear of getting undercut 24/7 on my extremely populous server. There are also times when an uncut gem like a Primordial Ruby will drop from 90G to 20 G in a 12 hour period. I don't want to be stuck with a shit ton of stock and have an impossible time getting rid of it. Also almost every cut sells for less than the raw gem itself :/. And for option 3, I was wondering if I should settle for a smaller profit margin. For isntance, would it be worth it to craft flasks every night if they sell for 5 more G than they cost to make with my only chance of profit coming from procs?

I'm looking for tips to make even more gold. Here is the undermine journal page for my Realm, help is appreciated.


-Thanks in advance