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    Noob goblin on a competetive realm!!

    Transferred to Stormscale EU (H) 3 weeks ago and i could only take one char with me so what i have is JC and enchanting, so i stay at my 25k gold and feel safe, than i need to start spending some of it on raiding so i buy a trinket for my hunter, bracer enchant and more. Now i am down at 6000 gold and this server is so overly populated that i have no idea how i should do to make gold here. Is there any way i could do it without becoming a AH camper? If not what would be the most efficient to farm if i would have to get my hands dirty ;p

    I really appreciate answers.

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    Do the shuffle, sell expensive cut gems (or raw if the price is good). Cut uncommon gems, sell perfect cuts (or maybe craft rings and DE them, but perfect cuts are more profitable for me at least).

    Then you can start crafting some Windsong/Glorious stats on chest or whatever else is profitable and has a high demand.

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    The shuffle looks so time consuming with these profits since they sell for a reaaaallly low price since the market is flood and its not that big of a PvE realm.

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    Check out the Undermine Journal and see what you can make that sells for a profit on your realm.

    Also try and think outside the box a little. Cutting Wrath gems for example can be a profitable niche market. The heirloom enchants market isn't nearly as competitive as the raid enchants one. What about prospecting adamantite ore for the powder? Disenchanting low level goods and selling the mats? Figure out your options.

    Don't expect to get rich quick either ;-)

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    Look cross faction..are you horde heavy or alliance heavy...who are the big ore sales?
    I you moved to a new realm its time to level up that new DK with mining and herbing to get the exp bonus till you can drop those professions for alchemy and maybe inscription.
    JC would be hard for me right now without my alchemist making Primals.

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    Ty for your answers, @Kawl ive tried both cutting wrath gems and some trink enchants / heirloom enchants. And actually ive sold like 1 gem and 2 enchants in a one month time. Gone extremely bad there

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    Hi @Homebrewd,

    I've had a quick look at the the TUJ page for your realm and it definitely looks like you should be able to make decent money. Many of the popular raid enchants (Glorious Stats, Pandaren's Step, Windsong etc.) seem profitable and it's such a big realm so they should sell. Same with the heirloom enchants too - Fiery Weapon and Crusader both seem good.

    As for jewelcrafting, the ilvl 450 jewellery looks profitable, as do some gem cuts esp the Vermilion Onyx stuff. LK cuts that should sell and are profitable are the 3 main red (Bold, Brilliant and Delicate Cadinal Ruby) and the Nightmare Tear looks good too.

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    Thank you @Kawl ,

    Have been selling Windsong like crazy and some other enchants too. Haven't gotten into selling the jewellery yet but it'll come. However, is there any way to speed up this process? Like using TSM etc (i have never gotten to use TSM or other addons than Auctionator.)

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    I started to use TSM only recently, earned my first few hundred thousands without any automation. Using small subset of it allowed me to save about 50% of time I am spending on money making.

    I did not want to spend hours to learn it, so I did it step by step, 1-2 new features in time.
    My steps were:

    • Posting/canceling using TCM only to have more friendly interface, all position in one group (zero time to setup, still manual control for prices). I have about 40-60 positions to Iist (chants, cut/uncut gems, shoulders, buckle, so on) Main gain was significantly less time for reposting.
    • Mailer/inventory (I have 6 crafters and post from one toon only). Almost 0 time to setup, saves a lot of time if crafter and poster are different toons.
    • Destroyer. Does not save tons of time, but allows to do it mindlessly. I usually just switch to window mode, read some something while spam 1 button.
    • Crafting queues. Took about 15-20 mins to setup, does not save tons of time, mainly more user friendly UI. Probably gives more with more items to craft.
    • after few days I was sure I understand how exactly posting price/canceling rules works I started to create more specific auctioning groups with fine turning all settings. Saved additional time on auction.
    • About same time I setup some shopping/dealfinding lists which allowed to save some time on looking for mats. Here the fun begins if you are up to some more complicated things than just shuffle.

    Alltogether it took me about a week to reduce time I am spending on money making from roughly 15 hours/week to 8-9 hours (sigh at prospecting time…), and I started to expand my business a bit (added some iron paw tokens, tried a few other ideas). I am on medium server, this time is enough to do about 70-100 K/week and I am pretty happy with it.

    Main advantage of using TSM – I can play at prime time when all LFR/Sha/challenges are going, jumping on AH toon between other things to do for 5 minutes, quickly repost and be back to fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homebrewd View Post
    Have been selling Windsong like crazy and some other enchants too. Haven't gotten into selling the jewellery yet but it'll come. However, is there any way to speed up this process? Like using TSM etc (i have never gotten to use TSM or other addons than Auctionator.)
    Yay for profit! :-)

    TSM can definitely speed up the crafting/posting process, but be aware it's a considerably more "robust" addon and it will take time to learn all the in's and out's. It really depends what you want to get out of your goblining, but if you're in this for anything like the long run I'd highly recommend it.



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