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    Method to keep track of Perfect Cut gems

    Hey everyone!

    I have just recently entered the perfect cut marked, and I have trouble keeping track of which cut I have and how many? I was therefore curious about how everyone else keep track of how many cuts they currently have and what you need to cut?

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    You could do it like UtesDad (I'm also currently doing it that way)

    Quote Originally Posted by UtesDad View Post
    I keep the perfect versions right next to the rare versions in my bags. When it's time to restock, I'll use TSM to determine how many rares I need to make and craft those. Then I'll just look at the side-by-side of rare/perfects. If rare has 15 and the perfect has 12, I know I need to queue up some of that perfect. I know it's not as easy as the TSM crafting queue, but seeing them next to each other, it's easy to determine which perfects you'll need to queue up.

    Here's a picture if it helps:

    Attachment 1052
    Or use an addon like Farmit
    Quote Originally Posted by TraX View Post
    I am using

    --> counts the number of items in your bags and your bank



    Unfortunately both are not updated anymore, but so far working perfectly for me
    So far I have no better way to offer
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    I craft and post on separate toons/accounts so the bag comparison method doesn't work well for me. *I currently use Altoholic to watch my perfect gem stock. Altoholic allows you to text search the inventory of all your alts, alts banks, and alts guild banks. *The results are broken down by location and can be filtered in numerous ways.

    I only craft perfects on Sunday while watching football so I do quite a few at a time. *Here is my method. *I type "Pandarian Garnet" into the altoholic search function and set the filters to "rare." *This will show me all the perfect cut Pandarian Garnets across my inventory. *This and some simple math will tell me how many of my commons to queue up of each cut. *I queue up the estimated amount and then resume watching the Chicago Bears dominate. *A few minutes later I hit search and update the display. *It will now include the perfects I just cut. Verify the counts, rinse and repeat across all the perfect cuts. *I also use an auto-vendor to clean the garbage and an auto-mailer to send it out. *When my sales toon goes to his mailbox, the shipment is put directly into the post cycle.*

    This method has proven easy enough for me. *I typically keep 30-40 of each perfect I sell. *I haven't checked the TSM forums lately, but I bet there is a better way of doing this. *If there isn't now, it's probably coming. If you see anything way of making this easier or more mindless, please add your critique.*

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    Sorry for the asterisks. I think the copy/paste function on my phone added them.

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    Penny and I seem to do a similar setup regarding perfect cuts, with only some minor differences. I don't have a ton of time to do things, so I'll basically prospect and dump uncut gems into my bank while I post/repost cut gems (not including rares, this is only uncommon gems) throughout the week. On Saturday or Sunday, if/when I have a few hours free, I'll pull all of those uncommons out of the bank and start to cut them.

    To begin the process, I use TSM's itemtracker feature. I'll go across the board - I'll type in Pandarian Garnet and it will spit out all of the perfects I have in stock in any capacity. Then I'll pull up TUJ's gem page and check prices and start queueing up the most profitable cuts in Skillet. This part is fairly easy and efficient for me, because I run a dual-monitor system, but it's still feasible and easy enough with only one monitor.

    When bag space is limited, I'll hop on my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, sell all uncommon cut gems, and then usually grab another gem or two from the bank and repeat. I'll finish it up by cutting some rare gems, and then the week repeats with me prospecting ore while I post expired gems.

    I personally prefer to do the uncommon/perfect cuts in bulk, because I can queue up 100+ of each cut and watch a movie or TV show on the other screen, and it's much easier to mentally take note and pay attention to my inventory.

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    Thanks all of you, for the answers - I somehow completely forgot about this thread :P I've acutally just turned to notepad keep a track there, found it quite easy



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