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    Jewel Crafting Meta Recipes

    Where is the best place to farm these up?


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    I've got all of them from dailies personally so that's the best way to get them imo.

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    This is probably a spot that's not an option for most people bit I'll mention it anyway in case you havent completed the quest. In jade forest there is a quest with the Ginu (the fish people) town where near the end of your quest chain with them you get a group of npcs that will follow you around and help you fill whatever the objectives are. If you go out to do the quest you'll pass over a bridge and there are tons of Hozen that constantly spawn and attack groups of Ginu guards. You can take your npc help and just burn these ever spawning Hozen for hours on end. At 85/86 I farmed this spot for around 5-6 hours and got all but 1 meta gem recipe, tons of boe greens and cloth and a bunch spirits of harmony.
    - I learned of this spot thought the Call to auction podcast so big ups to them.

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    Quick question, does anyone know if there is a horde equivalent for the jinyu quest?



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