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    Patch 5.1 change: 1 SoH --> 2 Golden Lotus

    Not sure if this is already out there (search didn't produce anything), but an undocumented change with 5.1 is the SoH vendor will now trade 1 SoH for 2 Golden Lotus (instead of 3), all other exchanges remained the same (iirc).

    As this was one of the bigger sources of Golden Lotus, I would expect prices to rise as a result. Luckily I had built a stash of about 160 Golden Lotus and today the prices on them have almost doubled on my realm.

    Go check that AH and post up some for a nice profit or buyout any that might still be cheap.

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    This will be a nice boost for the flask masters out there who see a better return on their wares as well.

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    Probably offset, to what extent I don't know, with herbalists being able to herb them as extra loot from other herbs. So instead of just Fool's Cap you can herb Fool's Cap and a Golden Lotus now in 5.1. I don't know the exact rates but it did seem that Blizzard wanted to "increase" the drop rate, but by how much, who knows.

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    Fool's Cap spawns seem to have been nerfed hard.

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    It was stated some time back that they were not happy with the rarity of Golden Lotus and were planning to increase the spawn rate. Otherwise, this could simply be a means to control the supply since SoH are so easy to farm.

    At least on my server, this hasn't seemed to change the bottom line...Golden Lotus still run at 125g +/- 15g each and have for weeks. The supply definitely seems to be lower, which leads me to wonder if one could reset the market and keep the price artificially high for a few weeks.

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    I took a chance and bought out all below 100g before the patch and post patch these have started dropping as low as 80g each in large quantities.

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    I recall Blizzard saying multiple times before the patch that they wants to increase drop rates for Golding lotus so I dumped all mine pre-patch(hundreds) Now they're up 30g! Just goes to show you never can tell what Blizzard will do. I'm guessing that 80-90% of the overall supply was from Spirits on my realm due to high flask demand. So this change more than offsets the other. The good news is that botters will have more to post on weekends and they generally significantly undercut the market. That will give me an opprtunity to flip them for a profit.

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    hmmm so if they are dropping from herbing nodes how while getting normal herbs...I'm guessing this means we'll be seeing huge price drops from bots like we did with volatile life?

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    Gissa I would believe you are correct, in cata the price on my server plummeted when that happened. ATM my server has golden lotus up to 125g per instead of the pre patch of 90-100g



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