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    Unhappy Easiest way to level inscription (Proff kits).

    Hello. Im writing with really confusing me problem.
    I have started to sell profession leveling kits. It seems that my realm have demand on them, Im getting few serious offers, I might be able to make some coin on this. But most of my customers are asking me for Inscription kits, what is kinda obvious due to Darkmoon Boom and so on.

    Now. What is the easiest way to get all mats required to level inscription?
    If I buy herbs, mill them and sell pigments in my kit, I will be able to work with
    Im basing on this guide in my kit selling, so its kinda obvious choice.

    Second option, is to get mats by buying inks for Ink of Dreams. Also it seems that its cheaper, and MUCH FASTER than milling herbs.
    In this case, wow-profession guide is not working, beacuse its messing a lot of steps basing on crafting inks from pigments. Also it requires other amounts of inks, to cover missed steps.

    Anyone here is able to recommend some guide for powerleveling inscription, basing on fast mats gathering process?
    Sorry for wall of text, but Im in serious trouble, its hard to push in selling kits without inscription right now.

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    Stick with They have efficient leveling guides for every profession. Of course because this website is so popular the demand on the items listed in the guides are often inflated in value on the AH so it's something you have to be careful of. One thing I would say if you haven't done so yet is to check out this amazing guide by @Namssob.

    I think for selling any kits it's best that you go off of materials list as closely as you can. You can deviate of course when it would be cheaper(just make sure you inform the buyer of the deviation), but the kit you are selling should come with a guarantee of reaching 600 in that profession and being able to point to a website like this gives them a guide on what steps they need to take so they don't screw it up and so you don't have to explain along the way how the materials should be used. If you find that doing it a different way through trading in Inks is going to be more efficient for you time-wise, consider writing up your own guide on how to use your kit. Just try to account for the steps in the process where points should be gained from crafting inks from pigments.
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