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    Question for any other Leatherworkers here.

    I just recently spent about 5k powerleveling Leatherworking 1-600 for personal uses and since I have it I'd like to make some gold off it but I don't really know what the big sellers are for LW.

    So my question is this. What do you guys do with Leatherworking for steady income?

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    This should give you a good start:

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    My mains a leatherworker, so far the main sellers have been the rare quality leg armor enchants.

    430 stam/165 dodge- for tanks.
    285 strength/165 crit for melee dps.
    285 agility/165 crit for agility users.

    There's also the epic 476 leather/mail chest and gloves.

    Sadly the real bottlenecks are spirit's of harmony. I can only grow 1.2 spirits a day on my tillers farm, so I have to choose which to craft. Another thing is those are gated by reputation, which requires honored with golden lotus.

    On PvP realms the contenders set both mail, and leather is a good entry level PvP gear but you also need spirits of harmony to buy those patterns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomchicken View Post
    On PvP realms the contenders set both mail, and leather is a good entry level PvP gear but you also need spirits of harmony to buy those patterns.

    On PvP they may be even better. But on my PvE server they still sell. Maybe 1 set every day or two on average.

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    Thanks for the tips. I have sold a few of the rare leg armors and I do agree they sell very well (and for good money!) but the Spirit requirement makes them very inconvenient to craft consistently. I have made a few sets of the contenders Wyrmhide and those have made me good money as well and are pretty cheap to make.

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    Don't forget the green leg armours (brutal, sha-touched etc.) They've got very cheap mats and not everyone wants to spend a fortune enchanting their gear. PvP gear is a big seller even on my PvE realm. As mentioned above it will take a while to get all the patterns but it could be a better long-term investment of the SoH than the rare leg armour.

    I'd also suggest crafting some bags. Royal Scribe's Satchel and Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag can still command a high price if you can get the mats. The Northend bags are generally cheaper but much more popular.

    Mileage varies from realm to realm of course, but leatherworking is a very profitable profession for me.

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    On my pvp realm I usually sell at least one of each of the pvp gear sets.
    The best part is that there is no more stat loss, you might want to try to create awareness of that on your pve realm as I can imagine non pve-ers not looking into pvp gear too much. ilvl is slightly lower than the lvl 90 dungeons, but is easier to get your hands on

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    I would honestly not bother with rare leg armors unless you're drowning in Spirits (unlikely). Expensive to craft and it's far more lucrative to sell the green leg armors instead and spend Spirits on 476 epics.

    Obviously PvP gear as well since everybody that hits 90 wants to jump into heroics and/or BG/arenas immediately.

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    Although they require 1 SOH each, I do pretty well selling the rare cloaks. I'm on a high-pop server and not many are selling these. I make about 950g each and sell a few a day. I've been slacking on rep for my LWer (I am not a fan of dailies) so I don't have the rare leg armor yet -- no idea what they go for.

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    Tillers farm/some dailies/raids give roughly 2 spirits/day -> leg armor. On my realm it is roughly same profit as chest/gloves or even higher. Pretty much I craft twice a week (Mon &Friday), reset market to keep prices up (it takes about 8-12K) and within next 2-3 days I am sold out. Net profit roughly 15-20 K/week.

    PvP gear is roughly 100-180 G/piece on my server, and needs a lot of babysitting to sell couple pieces/day, too much hassle so I don't bother with it.

    PvP bracers ->D/E for small shards. Not too profitable, but with leather 20-25g/stack and small shards 20g/piece it is the cheapest way to cover all my chanting business needs including 2 Sha CD/day with literally 15 mins/week