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    Cooking School Bell - Beyond the Ironpaw Shuffle

    Our lesson plan for today will be about the - how to get it, and how to profit from it.

    can be purchased for 50 Ironpaw tokens and is sold by Nam Ironpaw at Halfhill. You will be required to have 600 cooking in ALL 6 ways of Panda cooking, and be exalted with the Tillers faction.

    The item will summon Nomi, your cooking student, and he will offer you daily quests to help his cooking skill. Most of the ingredients are easily purchasable at Halfhill.

    Each friendship tier, he will offer a different quest:

    Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches
    Lesson 2: Instant Noodles
    Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky
    Lesson 4: Dried Needle Mushrooms
    Lesson 5: Pounded Rice Cake

    Once Nomi becomes an expert cook (similar to getting to Best Friends with the Tillers) he will offer you the quest A Token of Appreciation which will reward and an Ironpaw Token.

    can contain 2-5 of the following:

    Mad Brewer's Breakfast
    Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp
    Chun Tian Spring Rolls
    Great Pandaren Banquet
    Sea Mist Rice Noodles

    which is basically all the top end +300 stat food in the game presently.

    It may also contain which is not consumed upon use.

    In any case, after 50 days, you have made back the 50 tokens you spent on the rendering it basically free, and are now getting a free Ironpaw token a day and free top stat raid food to use or sell as you see fit.

    Nomi also has a quest at the end called A Present for Teacher which will award a choice of 5 / / AND

    is not account bound and can be sold on the AH - you can see the prices on the mouseover, presently from 8-25k.

    can also be purchased from Nam Ironpaw for 50 Ironpaw tokens, and may or may not be a good way to burn off your tokens.

    Class Dismissed!
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    I will be teaching my Nomi the last lesson today.

    I couldn't wait to get the bell and while farming turtles for SoH aquired enough turtle meat to buy it.
    During the training I always made sure to have enough of the current training material in my bag so I could call Nomi out whereever I was.

    Maybe you could add that every quest gives 1100 rep and 8400 is needed to complete a tier.
    everything above 8400 is added to the next tier.

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    You just did

    Profitting off the Bell is Small Fry, perhaps 500g a day, but it's a FREE 500G a day, no effort, talk to him and get stuff, put on AH. a free 150k a year for basically nothing is fine with me

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    I'm working my way up on this as well and just wanted to bump this thread as a it really is an overlooked way of making VERY easy money once set-up.

    Thumbs up for sure!

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    Nomi is fantastic, and my warrior being human and guilded means I've had it for a while.

    I've noticed that the price of 300 stat food has been dropping quite a bit as people dump their unwanted Nomi food on the AH for cheap. I've been shuffling like crazy and resetting and creating pretty much everything in the market (veggies / raw meat / fish / banquets / sauce / flour / pepper ... and everything they make when combined) but Nomi is really giving the 300 buff food market a good kick in the pants.
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