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What Profession for my alt.?

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    Question What Profession for my alt.?

    I'm lvling up my alt hunter and wanted to know what profession to put on him? Alchemy, or leatherworking. I have B.S. on my main. I know its probably Alchemy for the living steel but I would like to try leatherworking. So I guess my real question. Is which one is more profitable. Thanks for your time.

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    Is your hunter 90 or close to 90? If so, then I'd go for LW since you can craft Contenders/epic gear/leg armors.

    If not, then Alchemy with transmute spec is pretty good too. Mail the hunter a bunch of Ghost Iron Bars, turn them into Trillium, send some to your main for Spiritguard gear, use the rest for Living Steel cooldowns.



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