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    Overflow with Starlight Ink

    Hi, last week I raised inscription to 600 and and started to gain tons of starlight ink which I sold for 1000g stack. Today I cant get them sold for even 400g / stack. Can this be because of Darkmoon Faire? Im currently sitting over 200stacks of inks should I just save them to next DMF or what else is there to do with them. Any tip/advise will help alot.

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    I would save them until the next DMF, its only what 2 weeks away. Could also looking into the shoulder enchant market to burn up a few of the inks.

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    The supply of is very depended on the price of herbs. As long as prices on herbs are below the vendorfloor of 31,25G you might as well buy and process. As this will give you the “for free” (price is time). (The true theoretical vendorfloor is actually 34,38gold as you can sell the rare ink aswell)

    200 stacks = 4.000 is a lot, but if everything crashes you can always sell these as shoulderenchants as well at 6G25s per ink .

    I found 800 stacks at avg 28G on my AH yesterday, and since its risk free I might as well buy, process, take the around 2,3k gold from processing and stack up 400 rare inks (use or sell I don’t know, but as long as I take the profit and get the inks noone else does
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    So is that 31g for fools cap and 25 for the others?
    How did you figure the vendor floor?

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    The vender floor is figured out by the number of ink a stack creates and the number of shoulder enchants. The 34.38g floor is actually something I just thought of last night (because who would think of vendering starlight ink!) But one stack of regular herbs is 5.5 ink which vendored using the shoulder enchant gets us 6.25*5.5=34.375. A stack of fool's cap gets us 7 ink which gives us 6.25*7=43.75g. Hope this helps!

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    On my realm, Darkmoon cards and trinkets are still very profitable although trinket prices are down. This is because costs of herbs are down and my cost to make a single card is about 300g, occasionally less. So making cards yourself may be profitable.

    You could also buy cooldowns from other scribes and make cards with their scroll of wisdom. Check prices on your realm.

    You can also make the shoulder enchants that use starlight ink. On my realm I've made some modest profit doing it although they don't tend to be high volume sales.

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    Ghost iron just hit below vendor floor on my server as well. 400 stacks at 16g/stack I just purchased.



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