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Question of numbers

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    Question of numbers

    I have the following professions:

    Black Smith/Jeweler

    I am not sure why I ended up with 2 enchanters but I don't see a need for it. Any reason for 2 or should I drop 1 for another scribe?

    Also, I am bringing up a baby toon and looking at adding Inscription/Engineering to that one.

    Thoughts, ideas, or comments welcome. Is it a good setup or are there changes that should be made?

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    Why do you have 2x mining? Drop mining from mining/skinning toon (I would even drop both unless you are a big fan of farming), pick inscription/(alchemy/jc) and you're good.

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    How profitable are sha crystals on your realm? That is a daily cooldown so if profitable could be a reason to have 2 enchanters. I would change your mining/skilling to alc/inscription

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    I should have said that the second mining/skinning toon is only for leveling. I like to use gathering to build some mats and gold as I level a new toon.

    I will be switching to alch/inscription as soon as I get to 90.



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