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    Multiple Alchemists - Diversification vs Transmute Army

    With the new RAF going up to 80 I'm probably looking at finally leveling all my level 60 alts up to 80, therefore giving me access to many more profession slots. I know that Alchemy and Inscription are both good picks for having multiples of so I wanted to open a discussion of what specializations are best for Alchemy at this point in time.

    The most common answer I've heard over the past few years has always been all Transmute. With the declining prices across the board in MoP, however, when do you start considering switching two of those over to Pot and Elixir specs?

    On my server at the moment, Living Steel Belt Buckles are selling for 850g. If what I read is correct, Transmute specialization is worth 1.2x a normal transmute, so you could consider the spec to be giving an extra 170g a day. I still have flasks that sell for more than that, so it would seem to me that making five flasks a day with one proc would be worth as much as the transmute spec. Potion might be a harder sell, but Jade Serpent potions are currently 20g. I made a handful the other day with some herbs I had left over from milling and they sold within the hour.

    Another thing that might influence my particular situation is that I'm on a low-medium population server. If I wind up with 5 Alchemists and make them all Transmute, I can possibly put out 6 Living Steel a day but I'm not sure I can sell 6 belt buckles a day.

    I know everyone's individual server will greatly effect their decision, but what's everyone else's view on this?

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    I have 4 alchemists and they are all xmute specs. I hardly do the cool down on all four.
    I don't think living steel moves that much. And Wrath gems still sell.
    But xmute alchemists is not what it once was.

    Maybe when later patches open up and epicly crafted material needs living steel, but I doubt it cause ghost iron ore is so so plentiful

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    I think if you are actually gonna utilize pot master and elixir master then I would most definitely have 1 of both. In the past 1 of the big reasons for multiple xmutes were to xmute gems which were on daily cooldowns. Now xmuting gems is a losing cause. I started with 3 xmute alch's when living steel was high priced, I have since gone to 1 of each specialization and am benefiting far more.

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    I have one of each. I hate making pots and flasks knowing that I'm missing out on procs.

    They are also a bit cheaper to specialize than the Transmutation masters as well. Your first four Living Steel procs are going to be used up just making back the Living Steel the trainer stole, so it's often weeks or months before they have a chance to get back into the black. The others two specializations can regain their expenses in the next batch of potions or elixirs. The key is to use them - Potion and Elixir Masters aren't bound by one-a-day crapshoots, they can continue to roll for procs on however many battles of mojo they want to make.

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    I have 5 alchs. 3x transmute, 1x elixir, 1x potion.

    Right now my potion master doesn't get any love. Potion of Luck isn't worth it, but I made him for potential future use.

    My transmutes tend to go to Essence of Air...I find that gets me a better return than Living Steel.

    Elixir is turning into a decent lil moneymaker. I buy Golden Lotus after Thursday, stock up on 'em, and then sell flasks on Tues-Wed. It isn't *huge* gold but with procs I can often make a few thousand gold.

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    Definitely go with 1 of each, still gives you a cooldown on each of those characters but now lets you reap the bonus benefits for anything you make with alchemy. After you have one of each then you can start stacking Transmute



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