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    Prof on my alt that will complement my main? I have JC/Ench on main

    Hey all, ok I just recently returned to wow and never really played cata, so my JC and Ench on my rogue are at the max level they could get during lich king.

    Anyways I am not going to drop Enchanting just to pick up Mining to level my JC back up to max and then grab ench again.

    However I am mainly playing my monk now, and was wondering what profs I should go with that would best compliment my JC/Ench on main. I was thinking maybe going double gathering with Herb and Mining until I maxed out, and then dropping herb, giving the mining mats to my rogue, and then grabbing alch for transmute?(Sorry if this is stupid, I've never had alch before, but I heard transmute works well with JC)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Transmute spec alchemist is my suggestion. Currently it's not profitable to transmute gems with the cosy of GL but I'm still betting that after the next tier drops that GL prices will drop and gem prices will go up. Not to mention alchemist are profitable in their own right.

    Personally I'm too lazy to mess with professions while leveling and instead stock my personal guild bank with mats to power level professions when you level cap. That's a personal preference that admittedly costs gold, not sure how it would work out as GPH.

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    Alchemy is fine. You would have the three big hitters for the shuffle there, JC/Ench/Alch.

    After that you can go in various directions. Keep the gathering profession to fund the shuffle. This is good for starting off and lets you ease into the markets while you get your bearings. I find that you get more GPH by leaving the gathering to the farmers and focusing on the manufacturing

    If you stock up on herbs you can also make an inscriber for a variety of markets or hone in on more specific markets. DMF cards, glyphs, shoulder enchants. There is no real need for this to be on your main, you can get by on having it on an alt. If you want to do glyphs it will take take time to learn the profitable ones.

    If your monk is your new main consider professions that will have gate'd patterns, either from reputation or Spirits of Harmony.

    Leatherworking (you can craft gear for 5 classes both caster and non caster specs) and make leg armors to sell.
    Same for BS for belt buckles and plate gear. Tailors are cloth, leg armors and bags.

    Good luck.

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    What are GPH and gated professions?

    Sorry I've been away from this game since Lich King...

    Also this is probably a stupid question, but could I just make a level 10 alt and give him all of the mats to level the alch to max level?, or is there a restriction. I'm thinking I want to do some raiding with this monk, and would therefore like the dps boost I can get from BS'ing while letting my low lvl alt do all of the alch.
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    GPH = gold per hour

    Gated professions are ones where recipes are locked behind max level play requirements such as reputations or raid/dungeon drops. The best MOP weapon enchants are behind some fairly major reputation grinds.

    Also, blacksmitthing, leatherworking, and tailoring have many of their most profitable recipes as purchasable with motes of harmony, which are relatively easy to farm at max level through the tillers but not so much before that.

    There are level requirements on professions I forget exactly what the cut-offs are but the requirements for training the next level will be XXX Leatherworking and XX level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentce View Post
    while letting my low lvl alt do all of the alch.
    It can't be a level 10 as @beom said, but I believe a level 80 is "high enough". This is an important number because you can Refer a Friend level up to level 80 an army of alts with relative ease. The best time to do this is when the Battle Chest goes on sale for $5 which it has been once or twice on the Blizzard store within the last few months. The strategy is to Refer a Friend this new dummy account and level up a bunch of new toons to 80 and they can be your army of profession alts. They level up 3x faster and it's like night and day when compared to normal levelling, even if you account for Heirloom gear. That being said, RAF lasts for 3 months. If you're interested in doing that, google how it works. As an example, you should be able to level up to 80 in about 2-4 days of dungeon running while RAF is active. Not straight running either, I think my slowest toon to get to 80 with RAF took ~20 hours.

    Disclaimer. I think 80 is high enough for most of these professions but I could be wrong. Worst case you have to level them up manually to 85.



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