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    Royal Satchels this early in MoP.

    I see this happening on my server, and I'm curious...

    I would think that this early in MoP, when BoE gear and DMF trinkets are the hot topic in trade chat, people are spending their hard earned gold on that rather than vanity/trivial things like the Royal Satchel.

    I cringe when I see people advertising to sell Royal Satchels in trade because I think those 12 DAYS/36 SoHs spent making 12 Imperial Silks could have been spent better, GPH wise, on BoE gear.

    Now, there is that slight chance I could be wrong, because I have yet to even get the pattern for it, but my intuition tells me it's a bad bad bad use for imperial silk this early in the game, especially with other items that use the silk being so hot.

    So, I want to get other people's input, JUST IN CASE they have been for some reason successful.
    But, coming from me, I advise you to think about how you're using your silks, and, oh my, your PRECIOUS SoHs!

    I see it like this:
    The common player has about, oh, let's say, 40k.
    Chances are they want to spend it on gear and supplies- boe gear, DMF trinkets, flasks, enchants, gems, etc.

    If you craft a royal satchel, using up 12 silks, and the going price is 20k, it may take you a week or, jeez, maybe even a month, to sell it. Even then, you have to deal with other tailors who have crafted these and are trying to sell them.
    Compare the royal satchel to the illusionary bag. I see Illusionary bags going for 1/3 the price of royal satchels on my server. The slot difference is TWO. Just two.
    Even with Illusionary bags, most players have more room than they really need.
    And typically, the people who need more room are those dealing with gathering or specific mass crafting of a profession- and there are 36 slot solutions for that.

    Now, let's consider hot items, even if they are much cheaper than the royal satchel, such as robes or gloves of creation.
    Just for example purposes, robes of creation require 6 imperial silks, half that of the royal satchel.
    On my server, robes of creation go for about 5k, 1/3 the current listed price of royal satchel.
    To the untrained eye, it may seem like a better move to make the satchel, since using 6 more silk yields more than double the price...
    But again, you are more likely to sell boe gear than you are a satchel.
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    Yes the Spirit of Harmony situation is fustrating me to no end. Such a c-block....

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    I have two tailors spinning out daily silk for when they eventually hit 90 and exalted for bags. Step one will be throwing them on just about every toon on both of my accounts that I use on a regular basis. Step two is profit.

    About the only thing that could get in the way of this is if they remove the BOP status of harmony. Then I could sell the gear.

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    I completely agree. I saw a royal satchel in trade the other day and thought "ohhhh, mistake!"

    No way are they going to sell for enough to warrant that use of silk. MOP is garbage for bags. Wish I'd snatched embersilk cloth at a higher price point before MOP. I have a fair amount of bolts left, but am looking at them more for personal use now, though the bags sell for a great profit over the 30g/bolt i bought them for.

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    @TimB, I think you have your common player's gold level wrong. The 1% has a lot more than that 40k but I know from my main's guild of over 700 players, someone is rich if they have more than 5k.

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    Most people have < 10k gold. This was actually recently discussed in a blue post made on a thread about raising the maximum gold transfer cap between servers.

    I see the seller doing something slightly different, here's why: The BoE gear is quickly dropping in price on most servers. On Drenden-A, if you're LUCKY, you can find a buyer who is foolish enough to pay up to 12k for both pieces. Last night I saw a player offering to craft either piece, 3k for the gloves, 6k for the chest. Spellthreads are below 1k each. So no matter how you swing it, those Imperial Silks aren't even worth 1k each, except....

    The bag. For my server, the bag sells for about 20k most of the time. Almost always in trade, very rarely have I seen one in the AH (there was one up this morning for 24k). This probably means the crafter hasn't actually made the bag yet, they are wiating to find a buyer, so they even have some flexibility.

    Since the crafter can only make one silk per day unless they are farming SoH like crazy, and the price of the BoE gear is steadily dropping, that means that the approximated value of the silk will fall with the value of the crafted items. BUT, there is an item that no one is currently making, which would take some time to make, that will sell for 20k in about a week. Seems to me like the value of waiting a week to sell the satchel doubles the value of the silk, all without hurting your ability to use the silk for robes, gloves, or spellthreads.

    And during that week it takes you to sell the bag, you can have one or tow more ready to sell the next week...

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    They're selling for around 8K on my realm right now with five on the AH. Two guys have two listed, which likely means they're barely selling them even at that level since two bags would account for most of their cloth-making since the expansion started, unless of course they have multiple tailors to crank them out faster. TUJ cross-realm average is 18K...I suspect that's only when there's no competition, on realms where multiple sellers are listing them I bet the average is much less. I expect the average to be half what it is today within a month or two.

    Seems like a solid but not spectacular investment unless you're all alone in listing them.

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    I only buy high-end bags from very good friend as I like their names and have memories IG with them.
    In LK and cata it helped them to finish their leveling.

    Now I'm more focused in savings for BMAH, I won't gave 5-10-15k for +2slots per bag.

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    I think its a better idea to make the bags than the gear. The gear is down to 3-4k on my server. the bags are going for around 15-20k atm (not sure how well they are selling however). Over time, gear is demanded less as shown by DMF trinkets. bags will in demand throughout the expansion.

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    I basically agree with you but if I were arguing the pro-bag side it would be:
    1) tailoring bag will be useful in 6.0 and perhaps even in your bank in 7.0. The customer will not be using any gear they buy now in 5.2 and hopefully 5.1.
    2) most people can't afford them; but those same people can't afford expensive BoE gear either.
    3) there is a large number of players who won't buy BoEs either because they are luckier than I or worse at probability. "why would you buy X when Y drops off the third boss in" Yet there are no drops for bags so it is buy or do without.

    I just checked my realm and saw some 5 IS items sell for 2k and bags listed for 10k. but YMMV and it varies over time



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