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Dropping mining for?

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    Dropping mining for?

    After reading that huge AH guide about resale, arbitrage, the undermine journal, etc, I am still a huge noob when it comes to gold making and the AH hasn't treated me very nicely. I am turning to professions to start off before I use AH manipulation to get a fortune, however, I'm not sure what would be the most lucrative profession. Currently I have mining and flask master maxed and I am planning on dropping mining for another crafting profession. Alchemy hasn't been too profitable for me either. I tried to buy mats for a relatively low price last monday, and get profit through procs and selling flasks on tuesday, but I only gained about 1k total in profit.

    Right now I have ~6.5k to start off and I would like to know what profession I should take up.

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    well..... can you afford to level another profession?
    My thought is try jc, pretty lucrative. As a bonus you can mine most of your mats before you drop mining.
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    Smelting ore is extremely useful, you might want to level another character for more professions. If you're sticking to one toon I recommend enchanting because posting scrolls gives nice steady profits and disenchanting is even more useful than smelting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neo6488 View Post
    well..... can you afford to level another profession?
    My thought is try jc, pretty lucrative. As a bonus you can mine most of your mats before you drop mining.
    Since your starting gold is reasonable low, mining some old world ore might save you a lot of gold while levelling JC.

    If you do go for JC, change your alchemy to transmute master. Flasks seem bad for you anyways and transmute goes really well with JC. You can pick up cheap golden lotus to transmute uncommon gems as well as make your own primal diamonds; a lucky proc with those will mean 1-2k "free" gold.



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